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LFG - Who is interested in a new Rllmuk 5e D&D campaign


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53 minutes ago, Welrain said:

That was fun but I can't help but feel we got a little side-tracked :lol:



Side tracked? I didn't notice that :D


I mean the monk wants to start a brewery in town, the artificer is tryin to perfect his mousecatching/skinning machine and the sorceror is offering in bar entertainment.


I mean that seems like a fairly normal session.


My favourite part (apart from Well That's Impressive) was the fact that you managed to stumble on some of the hooks seemingly by accident, almost despite yourselves.


It almost seems a shame for you to go to the sunless citadel :D


EDIT - more seriously I let the session go where you took it as that is always fun. I will try and write up something for it so you all know where you are.


If I recall I did tell each of you the reason you were drawn to Oakhurst but I will sum that up as well. I don't want to "force" motivation as it feels artificial but you also need a reason to be in the same place otherwise you have nothing to push or pull you

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Ok no problem Welrain .... my rule on larger groups is that if one is missing we go ahead, more than that we see where we stand. With a group of 6 I think it is ok to go ahead with 5.


I will shepherd your character through the next session and he we will basically trot along and do any obvious Ranger stuff like fetching buckets for the gnome artificer to stand on to demonstrate his new trap device



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Apologies, I have been over confident with my work schedule which is a bit jam packed over the weekend, some planned overtime has spread over the entire weekend.


As a result we will have to postpone our 2nd session. Apologies once more I am not usually this flaky!


We will be back to normal next friday.

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Good places to hide I think ... Just maybe not for you :D


Enjoyed that session, Nice mix of rp and investigation and combat


Hope it is giving you a Good introduction to d&d for the new ones... Looking forward to seeing how it pans out


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Definitely - in hindsight my trying to be a smart ass came back to bite me (or rather claw me) with trying to use Detect Good or Evil. I was convinced that was someone hiding from those things and not another monster, so didn't want to just stick a cross bow bolt in it.


But I'd forgotten I can only cast two spells per long rest, when there was a lot of other spells to hand that would have been more useful with what came next :facepalm:

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I may be a bit late tonight. My Mum slipped a disc a couple of weeks ago, and it was getting better but she had another flare up yesterday. So I’m going over there to make food and make sure she’s OK. 

I doubt I’ll be back and ready by 7:30pm so may join late. Don’t let me fall down any more traps!

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