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LFG - Who is interested in a new Rllmuk 5e D&D campaign

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I may be a bit late tonight. My Mum slipped a disc a couple of weeks ago, and it was getting better but she had another flare up yesterday. So I’m going over there to make food and make sure she’s OK. 

I doubt I’ll be back and ready by 7:30pm so may join late. Don’t let me fall down any more traps!

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As we only have 4 I don't want to lose momentum by having 1 down and 1 late on an early session.


How does everyone feel if we skip this week accordingly? Not ideal but I think it might be for the best?

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Sorry but due to work volume this week I cannot do friday night session. Apologies but two go live customers in as many months is very unusual.


We will reconvene next Friday as normal



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