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Pancake Tuesday


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So we're back again for another installment of the most consistently popular food thread on Rllmuk.* Is there any chance of surpassing the glory of last year? Probably not but we can still live in hope. 


What are your plans for this glorious day? Will you keep it French and crêpey or go American and fluffy? How many of you are going to opt for sourdough pancakes which are the hot pancake of 2021? 


What about toppings? Lemon juice, maple syrup, blueberries, chocolate hazelnut spread, black pudding? 





*This is a lie. They always fail badly. 

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my other half wants pancakes for lunch but I've refused to make them as find them pretty boring things not worthy of their own day


as a compromise I've offered to make up some waffle batter though and will get the waffle maker out - so much better than pancakes with the light fluffy innards, crisp outsides and all those convenient little wells to hold whatever you want to put on them.


we use all oatly as she's dairy intolerant and the key to the crispy outer is some cornstarch in the mix, with some baking powder & soda to provide the air & lightness.


I'd get behind a waffle Wednesday

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We're having savoury pancakes for lunch. Probably cheese, bacon, tomato as that needs using up. 


Then after a 'normal' dinner (roasted Romanesco cauliflower with white pudding, trying to not go too heavy to save space for after) we'll be having pancakes for dessert.


For me, it has to be crepes. No fluffy style or sourdough or fancy shit. I've got the rest of the year to try interesting things, but for me the nostalgia of the day comes through a simple pancake with Tate & Lyle golden syrup, little bit of lemon. Yum. that's just a taste that I don't claim to be the best but the most pancake day for me. So I don't berate anyone doing it different. It's just such a personal flavour for me.


My wife will be having Nutella on hers, because she's a fiend for it. I probably will have a bit of it too after my syrupy one.


I don't think they have to be boring either. A nice crepe, seasoned, and maybe even flavoured and cooked well is a great vehicle for other things. we actually had some savoury pancakes last week for our lunch. Nigella & cumin in the pancake batter, bit of salt and pepper too. Cooked to crispy and then filled with the remains of the previous nights curry. Was great. The pancake obviously isn't the star of the show but it's no more or less interesting than some rice would have been* 


* Obviously I would have preferred a big fluffy naan with the curry but it was not available

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3 hours ago, cowfields said:

Probably cheese, bacon, tomato as that needs using up. 


Everyone is desperate for an update so lunch turned out to be some Iberiko tomatoes, spinach and chorizo, fried up and then topped with cheddar. The pancake batter had some parmesan, basil and garlic in. It was very tasty indeed. Sort of pizza-esque actually. That's the fancy take on it out of the way, this evening is all about the sugar.

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Breakfast: Fluffy American style pancakes with streaky bacon and maple sauce.

Lunch: Peperino pizza.

Tea: Cheesy pancakes 

Desert: Pancakes with golden syrup.


I know it's called pancake Tuesday and therefore I've somewhat let the side down with the lunch item there, but it's at least keeping with the spirit of the day with it being both round and also flat.

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I suspect the simpler times of 2008 will never see pancakes return to that level of discussion, but things are up hugely on 2019. Maybe people feared in those peak Brexit fervour times talking about pancakes was too old school or 'out voter' a thing to be involved with.


I'll ignore the aberration of posting a food thread in 2014 getting traction as half of those comments were probably about Canada and Maple syrup.



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Butt ugly but the best way of frying them off quickly without going mad and trying for a full pan monster. Strictly speaking I think it was getting in to waffle territory as they had egg whites folded into the batter. Very tasty though and thats what Pancake Tuesday is all about. 

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I really want to make some buckwheat gallettes - it's been far too long since we had them (having not been able to travel to France for the past 2 years). I saw this recipe in the Gruniad and am tempted to give it a go. 

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We'll be doing...


Spinach and feta pancakes for our savoury source. New to me but liked by the other half.


Japanese soufflé pancakes with a berry sauce, maybe some vanilla ice cream. Might do a second with a chocolate sauce and banana.

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So that was good


Feta, spinach and kielbasa for savoury. Could do with a sauce but very nice.



Soufflé (really just risen) pancakes with homemade berry sauce (rasp-, blue- and straw-) and vanilla cream



Double chocolate (cocoa powder and chips) soufflé pancakes with caramel bananas and vanilla cream


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