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Mario Golf Super Rush


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Famitsu have given it 33/40, which basically means fuck all.


I’ll wait for other reviews before committing. Mario Tennis Aces, made by the same developer, wasn’t that great - too many specials and meters and stuff and millisecond timings on special shots and stuff getting in the way of the fun.

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Just now, Stoppy2000 said:

Does anyone know when the embargo is?

Gonna guess it’s tomorrow 2/3pm. Ninty published games usually come earlier than the day before.


I reckon it’s gonna average 80 on a bit below metacritic. I’m working on the basis that it’s going to be better than Mario tennis aces but not much better.

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3pm the day before launch for the embargo to lift.


I'm definitely hanging on to see what they say as you have to put the Nintendo filter on and even if it averages 70% or so you can easily take 10-20% off that. 

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It's Mario Golf - you know what you're going to get.  It's a pretty consistently solid 7/10 give or take a point depending on how much you like Mario characters.


My son is extremely excited about it, and we'll be taking it with us on holiday for some quality and easy two player fun in the caravan when it's raining. 

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I thought Nintendo/Switch Exclusive reviews were always close to release date these days? Didn't this happen for Rise?


EDIT: 23rd march with 26th release. More digging required.


Mario Aces was 20th to its 22nd June release date. Well from what I can tell.

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