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Rhythm Doctor - one-button rhythm game. New free DLC song out now! (9th Dec)


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This is Rhythm Doctor:


For those who can’t watch YouTube videos: “Rhythm Doctor is a one-button rhythm game where you save patients by hitting your button on the 7th beat. Every patient has a unique rhythmic ailment and their own storylines.” The video also explains the two-player mode and the concept of boss levels.


The dev linked me to a “preorder demo” a while ago after I sent a donation (because I had played the browser demo so much and wanted to give back) and to me it feels like a Rhythm Paradise minigame that never existed, and one that has been iterated on enough times to make a whole game out of it. The one-button format sounds like it would get easy, or boring, but the amount of variety on display makes me keen to see what the full game will offer, and trying to complete songs in the demo without making mistakes is pretty challenging. It’s one of the more creative rhythm games I’ve seen, with a number of fun twists on the basic format (although one person’s creative is another person’s “gimmicky”!)


Anyway, the Steam page says it’s out next Friday, and the game’s own website says “EARLY ACCESS COMING TO STEAM FEBRUARY 2021“ so I’ve made this little thread in the hope that it doesn’t slip! The website also has a “demo” link but this goes to the original Flash concept. However there’s also an “offline” sampler if you scroll to the end of the itch page.





E: I understand it’s also coming to Switch and mobile but those releases will be tweaked slightly due to PC-specific things that probably can’t be done on the other platforms. Insert your “PC is the definitive version!” master race comments below... ;) 

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IT'S HAPPENING. Well, nearly.


It's not out yet, but I've got a Steam key. Basically when I sent my donation ages ago, the creator said that he'd kindly send a Steam key for the full game when it was released. I'm a bit clueless when it comes to itch and preorders and keys, but this morning I went to a link he included and sure enough it's been updated with a key. I won't be able to install it until the game's actually out, but it's in my library...

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I've only tried a handful of stages so far, but they've added a lot of stuff since the pre-order demo I tried.


Obviously make sure that your calibration is on point when you get started, and you should be fine. :) 

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I made it to the credits song this evening, but there are still better grades, hard variants and a few unlockables to get around to. :D 


The little bits of dialogue that set up each song are quite charming, and the pixel art characters are great. :wub: Current favourite jams are probably Sleepy Garden and Distant Duet. ^_^

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Nice - glad that someone else is enjoying it. :) 


100% on my save file now. ^_^ Steam says that doing all of that took 20.1 hours (although some of that was just me replaying stages for fun.) You pretty much have to play every stage perfectly to get 100% - this includes the harder "night" variants you unlock, and the boss stages (so your regular stages should have an S+ rating whilst the status for each boss level should say "Perfect!" instead of "Completed!")


Before today I had a lot of gaps in my completion - the day and night stages of area 4 (seven in total) were very tricky to get perfect scores on, and in some cases I ended up playing with the song speed to help with practicing (although I think you can play a song on the slow speed and it will still count towards your completion %. But I still wanted to do it legit.) Other stages that took a while included 3-3, 3-X and a bonus minigame in area 2... and some of the songs are pretty long so there's a lot to get right.


It is an early access thing though, and I think they were considering extra content, so I don't know if I'll maintain that 100%!

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So if you have the full game... *tumbleweed* ...a new level ("Worn Out Tapes") was recently added for free, as part of a crossover with Unbeatable (a forthcoming rhythm game that also looks awesome.) You can find it in the main ward (where the 1-1, 1-2... and 3-1, 3-2... stages are) if you go over to the left.


(And yeah, if you haven't tried the Unbeatable "White Label" sample that came out yesterday, that's also worth a look.)

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Muse Dash has updated.  I think the 7th Beat pack requires players to have the £26 "Just As Planned" DLC for Muse Dash as well - it's like a one-time purchase that grants players all current and future DLC songs.


If you have this DLC, you'll find these songs if you go to your music index - it'll be a new collection named "7th Beat Games".




Rhythm Doctor has been updated too. If you go to the girl next to the art room you can get to the new content.

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Another new level's been added in a free update :wub: Notes from the Steam game updates page:



We have a new level: 

Meet and Tweet!

Meet and Tweet (music by Zorsy, level by Jenny, tutorial by s9menine, art by Winston and Kyle) is based on a level from Bits & Bops, a new one-button rhythm game coming soon to Steam. We're huge fans of the game (the gameplay, the art, the music!) and we were excited for the chance to work together with the devs at Tempo Lab Games to take one of their minigames and translate it into Rhythm Doctor.

Someone left the window open, and now Mrs. Stevenson's pet cockatiel has made a new friend. Do your best to make compelling, birdly conversation (while defibrillating.)



Also if you haven't tried Bits & Bops, take a look at the Kickstarter and demo:



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