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Um, Dinosaur Planet N64


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No links, but Forest of Illustion have just posted the Dinosaur Planet N64 ROM. Not 100% complete but playable.

For those who don't know, it was being developed by Rare for N64 and at a very late stage Nintendo halted development, asked them to move it over to Gamecube and rebrand it as a StarFox Zelda-style game - StarFox Adventures.



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Thats awesome, I remember reading about this in NOM with the cool screenshots.


Didn't get into SFA too much but DP looked great!


Though the screenshots have Fox McCloud with a sword in em! Didnt think Fox came in till the GC transition, this must be a late state proto

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I give it a quick test there using an everdrive. Couldn't get into the game unfortunately as soon as gameplay started the character was just in a repeating falling animation. Tried it with and without an expansion pak. Needs one to run otherwise it just throws up a warning. Has nice 480i splash screen and menu though haha.


EDIT: If anyone is wanting to try this on an everdrive someone has found that if you just add DP=5 to the save_db.txt file on the everdrive folder on the sd card it will work properly. Can confirm that it does indeed fix it.

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3 hours ago, Yobo Ahoy said:

Is it actually good? I remember not being particularly aggrieved at its cancellation/delay, Rare games had got boring and bloated by then.


Yeah. ANd SF Adventures wasn't that great anyway. I suppose this is a fun curio. But I wouldn't want to play it.

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I’ve played about 30 mins of it, just bonkers that it exists! 
it’s absolutely unfinished and missing quite a few things, but you can busk you way through it. There’s not been much performance optimisation either so it runs slow even with the RAM Expansion. 

Cool though! Love this kind of thing! 

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