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Switch 2000: Nintendo News Don't Stop: TV Out on DS

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I guess it was probably a temporary test / debug feature which was deemed cheaper left in DS production SOCs than removed.


Back then they might not have assumed that decades later tinkerers would discover the secret of that one pin capable of outputting a video signal and write software / build hardware to exploit it.

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Yeah, it's probably for testing the motherboards during manufacture. There was a story going around when the original fat DS was released about some of them causing TV interference which carried a garbled version of the top screen image, too. Be a nice convenience feature for modders though.

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Yeah, a dev feature you'd expect. I remember when Sony was showing off the Vita before launch all the demo units had a full-size HDMI out port on them. I thought it was going to be on the finished model, and would be brilliant. It was not but it was still brilliant Vita til I die.

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