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Your controllers will fail....

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Surprised the Xbox Elite controller still uses the standard alps sticks too. I would have thought at the price they are charging for these things that they'd at least upgrade the quality of the components or use more durable tracking tech on the sticks. Don't think I'll bother getting one of those.... 


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Only pad I ever remember breaking on me has been 2x Bone pads, both times were the RB button breaking.


My Splatoon 2 Switch Pro pad left analogue stick is starting to show its age now, but that thing has had a lot of use. Way more than the 400 hours number being thrown around.

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9 hours ago, Ry said:

I fully expect my PS5 controller to be fucked within a year to 18 months. 


I expect my Xbox Series controller to last a full generation without issue. Like my Xbox Duke, 360 and XB1 controller did. 

No games though

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Back in the day, in my family we swore by the Cheetah Bug joystick - but they often broke down and had to be replaced. I think we went through three or four of those. In my After Burner Climax days, that game murdered a few DS3s - the shaft of the sticks were grinding against the housing (leaving a visible line cut into them) and the fine dust from that appeared to be getting into the workings and causing duff inputs. It wouldn’t probably have mattered for most games but After Burner needed really precise responses. I think one controller bought specifically for that game only lasted a few weeks. I even tried to mitigate the problem by putting electrical tape around the contact point, but that tiny amount of extra thickness meant I couldn’t get the necessary full range of input either.


By far the worst controller I’ve ever used is the Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS though. That thing is a piece of crap and every single input has failed at least once, starting after only a few hours of use - needs regular maintenance to keep going, and I have to live with it in a perpetual state of one direction being screwed up (currently it’s roll, which is not a game breaker - if pitch fails then it’s over).


edit - I should add that’s all the trouble I’ve ever had - PS1, PS2, Dreamcast, GC, PS4 never had any problems.

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Every time I read this thread title I hear the voice of the woman who does the voiceover for the opening cutscenes to the Dark Souls games.


Yes, indeed.


Your controllers will fail, and the Lords of Cinder will abandon their thrones...


Just me?


It's probably just me :unsure:

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