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Marvel's Loki - 11 June

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Probably past time this got its own thread. They've just announced it begins on 11 June.


I'll just stick this in here too just to have something, even if it's not new.



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  • JohnC changed the title to Marvel's Loki - 11 June
1 hour ago, Chindie said:

Said at the first reveal, but Loki as DB Cooper is genius.

I love the DB Cooper thing, and I’m really intrigued to see why. I wonder if he keeps using the space stone to keep jumping through unsolved crimes. To what end though, I’ve no idea. Is it from the comics?


After WandaVision I’m optimistic it’ll be great.

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Got a bit distracted by wilsons nose looking even more busted than usual (think the start had some unfavourable lighting), but yeah looks great.

Seems a bit more high-concept and twisty-turny than originally expected, so should be great fun.

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I wonder if Tom Hiddleston hoped for more after his breakthrough role in Thor than to be playing the same character in a tv show 10 years later. 


Just realised..the cinematography is so much better than the films. Ragnarok was a low. 

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I hate the practice of comparing everything but this looks infinitely more interesting than The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. I'm enjoying that but I think after WandaVision I am much more interested in the wacky time travelling/alternate reality/magic/multiverse stuff than the straight action parts of the MCU. As I say I don't mind the Falcon and some of the real world stuff it has covered is interesting but this looks right up my street.

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