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Spider-Man No Way Home - Xmas 2021


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1 hour ago, Gabe said:

How often are those extended versions at the cinema though?


Outside of things like Apocalypse Now Redux, where the extended cut came many years after the original, these are the only ones I can think of where a changed version was released in cinemas within a few months of the original:


* Avatar (the extended version was released in cinemas in 2010)

* Avengers Endgame (had an deleted scene with unfinished VFX added as a post-credit scene)


Also I think that LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring had a preview of The Two Towers added to it at some point, but I can't remember if that happened towards the end of its theatrical run, or was done as a separate re-release?

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Yeah, I couldn't think of any examples outside of Avatar and Endgame.


I can't see the appeal, personally. My days of caring about what extras and things were bonus bits on the DVD/Bluray are long behind me - so extras I have to rewatch the whole film to see are even less appealing, especially as I didn't really like this film anyway. I do wonder how the sums work out for Sony though and how the cut will be split for, essentially, a re-release? 

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