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Cyclical Suffering of Console Samsara


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I love you, marlew, but if you're gonna act the enfant terrible, you need to at the very least stray slightly from the safe general consensus of the forum.


34 minutes ago, Marlew said:

- The best version of almost every available game is on PC, but who knows what PC guys even get up to when they're not gaming.


:lol: The sex magic rituals have been very awkward during lockdown.

All I wanna do is hit 144fps in natsuki.

At least in the forest with the robes and everything you get a sense of ceremony.
Now I have to sit and watch some fat bearded creep nobbing a goat in his garage over zoom.
It's too real.

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50 minutes ago, Marlew said:

- The best version of almost every available game is on PC, but who knows what PC guys even get up to when they're not gaming. It can't be good, you just have a gut feeling.

They're busy making bots to scalp every electronic device in existence, the bastards.

As for all the other points, mostly yes. You could theoretically give Sony more shit for their BC, because there was a time you could jam in a disk from the PS1/2/3 era and it would just work - but XBox is also just as bad due to 360/OG BC software curation being spotty at best, so arguing about it is a lost cause all around - especially as XBOne/PS4 to Series/PS5 compatibility is basically 99.9%.

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RPGs are popular for the same reasons as always.


They are mechanically simple, low impact games that anyone can beat given enough time.
They give a very easy sense of cost value due to their length and for the most part can be played without the users full attention.

They can invest more into visual elements such a graphics and art at a lower cost than more complex titles and can be among the best looking games on the market if given the budget.


This isn’t me saying they are bad games or anything (some live and die on their battle systems), more that even the best designed RPGs can be played without the user becoming physically or mentally taxed after long sessions.


It’s no surprise that RPGs continue to grow in popularity and hold people’s attention.


In business terms, it makes the most sense to invest in games which share common attributes with them than games that are the polar opposite of them (such as a F-Zero).

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Yeah, I don’t think they’re hugely controversial statements. Although the JRPG genre is too massive and stuffed with crap to compare to a few dormant franchises. I have no real affinity for Wave Race or F-Zero so the argument doesn’t quite work, but I’d bin a bunch of upcoming JRPGs if it meant I could have Viewtiful Joe 3 or Space Harrier 2021.

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29 minutes ago, Thor said:

Hmm, Marlew, come back when you've grown into your big boy pants. :coffee:


It's a thread to try to reach common ground and avoid the repetitive console war crap which makes the place a chore these days.


I don't know what point you think you're making, but even among your vast oeuvre of swings and misses, that was very poor.

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33 minutes ago, Marlew said:


What don't you agree with in the OP, buddy?


The forum has definitely changed under lockdown.  For me, the "discussion" forum should be about discussion. That means listening to, accepting and agreeing or not with other people's views.  So there are no right and wrong answers, you may like something I don't and that is fine because we are both right.  Recently some of my thoughts have become a big pile-on, "how dare he think the console launches have been botched! No, TLOU2 is not an interactive movie!" But it's all welcome, because it's a sharing of ideas. If we all agree then there's nothing to be learned from reading it.


Sometimes I need to remember that I should say "I think this game is shit" instead of "this game is shit" because there's a vast difference in those two statements.   I felt justified in my hatred of Shenmue 3, but have been proved wrong in my initial dislike of TLOU2.  But the forum is all about opinions and points of view, we are not supposed to all like the same things.  And for me, I think I benefit from reading 19 pages of how people loved Persona 4 Golden, and I hope it's as interesting to other people to read how I find a 20 hour long introduction to be unacceptable.  


Big melting pot of contrasting thoughts makes the place interesting.  If we all agree on one opinion we become like Daily Mail readers. I don't come here to have my opinions confirmed, I think they should be challenged.  I've changed my view on TLOU2 because of the comments in the thread. Similarly I still hate Shenmue 3 despite the comments in that thread.  Other people's opinions confirm or challenge you into realising you are wrong, or confirming you feel you're right. But that's what makes a forum like this interesting.



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I agree on all of that, and I really enjoy reading different takes on games.


I also agree with you that the forum has changed over the past year, and in the absence of many new games to discuss, the place seems stuck on this incredibly dull, repetitive, passive aggressive, console war bullshit.


That's the point of the thread.


Loads of great posters have largely binned the place off over the last six to twelve months and it seems that the cyclical bickering has never been more prevalent. I wasn't encouraging a hive mentality, I was saying:


Let's cut this boring fucking shit out now, eh? 

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28 minutes ago, Marlew said:

Let's cut this boring fucking shit out now, eh? 


Be the change you want to see, brother.

Those people sat at home fuming, looking to come on here and wind folk up or start an argument about nothing, they were here before lockdown and they'll be here long after.

Gaming forums are often full of people that don't even play games any more, they just linger to see if they can spoil other peoples fun too.


Just enthuse about the games you enjoy playing.

Avoid the drama. I know you've got better things to be doing with your time.


You're a lovely, happy, funny person, be that and it'll be reflected back.

Don't lose your way and let yourself be dragged down.

You don't have to reply to every question. Know when someone's just poking you with a stick or dangling some bait. Laugh it off, let it slide.

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Comparing Sony’s BC to Microsoft’s directly is like comparing climbing Snowden to climbing K2. They may look superficially similar to people without any specific knowledge of how to achieve those things, but one is an order of magnitude more complex and difficult. 

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Don't think its been overly bad on here during lockdown, (and before or after for that matter). Enjoy reading about observations made, good or bad about new hardware or games. Think people sometimes take things as a personal insult if a post disagrees with how they feel about something it's good to have different opinions. They should be celebrated as mentioned upthread.


It is what it is I guess. We can influence it by posting some topics up. We can't change what other people do - nor should we -  but we can change how we react to it and engage with the posts made here.

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On 26/02/2021 at 09:57, Marlew said:

or if you want to own the games you play, it may not appeal to you. Agreed

You can purchase the games you play on Gamepass at a discount if you want to keep hold of them.


But yeah, console wars are bullshit. Childish nonsense that really brings the worst out in people.

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Thanks, and I do appreciate your point. I don't have much interest or energy at the moment to contribute more, though I've been enjoying a good few things of late.


As someone who's largely contributed a fair amount of enthusiasm to the place, I feel I've got enough in the bank to say 'I think the forum is a bit shit at the moment, these topics are tired, anyone agree?' 


Some will fall on either side of that. Same as you might think I'm a decent guy and some think I'm a cunt. I can be both. On balance, though, seems the overall conclusion on whether these topics are overdone is *arsed, cigs*


See you for some Cotton chat soon! 

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24 minutes ago, JPL said:

But yeah, console wars are bullshit. Childish nonsense that really brings the worst out in people.

They always have been and will always be. Consoles aren't the problem its the way people are wired. See religion, team sports it goes on. Its a tribal thing probably wired into us from ancient times :D Easy to ignore it. Think the marketing people love it as its the die-hard brand loyalists that will always sing the virtues of the device and brand and bring people on board.


Think its kind of funny and joined in a bit on the "console wars" thread a while back.... reminded me back when I was child on playground. It was Commodore 64s and ZX Spectrums back then*. Anyway it was very nostalgic but then I just got bored after a few posts. Felt like a kid for 30mins or so though.... :D 


Back then it was about money I guess. You could only afford one device (or were given one by Santa). As you get older you have the money but no time - so you are again constrained. My bugbear is that I no longer want multiple devices to play games anymore because I hate having lots of "stuff" scattered around. Although recently broke that rule and got a 360 to play some old games I can't seem to play elsewhere. :) 


* Personally had both at different times for different reasons. Both great machines.... 

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35 minutes ago, Marlew said:

Same as you might think I'm a decent guy and some think I'm a cunt. I can be both.


I wouldn't say that. I think you can be provocative, that's for sure.

I've always thought that the way people react to you has always said way more about them than you.


I get what you're saying though, little things keep getting recycled, the same buttons being pushed and the same discussions. I pretty much just stick to the shmup thread so I probably don't see most of it.

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