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Greatest opening to a track

Loik V credern

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On 26/02/2021 at 22:44, Camel said:


Christ :D




Holy shit, thanks for posting this! I had never heard of it, or indeed Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, but 10/10 track. 11/10! Just had me literally bopping around the kitchen while doing the dishes :D

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If you’re going to mention GN’R then it must be this..

Another Queen that knocks it out the park


Say what you want about Bon Jovi but they were pretty good at using a decent bass riff to get a track going (even if it really was Hugh MacDonald and not Alex)



And lastly for me, this...


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5 hours ago, Ivanho said:

And as an opening introduction to an album, a band & a guitarist, nothing beats this..


I’ve got a guitar shaped lighter I bought in a petrol station a decade ago that plays that riff when you click it. One of capitalism’s greatest successes.

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The opening of this one puts all the hair on the back of my neck up. It's this slow, winding, chilling build up. The news reporter becomes increasingly frantic as the music grows ever more foreboding.

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That opening horn, then the bass line. Hot damn.



'She's at home...Yeah, she's at home...She's at home...' 😢



I'm not sure if it counts seeing as it's pretty much all opening, but what a track. There's an episode of The Sopranos where it plays out over the ending credits, which is just superb.



I don't know if I opening acoustic guitar more in this or the later bassline. Used fantastically in The Virgin Suicides.



Last one. Surprised it hasn't been posted yet:



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