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March Model Painting challenge: Duels! VOTING NOW OPEN!


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    • Brother vs Brother by Davros Sock Drawer
    • A battle of warpcraft by @TheBag
    • It's over Anakin by @And

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18 minutes ago, Davros sock drawer said:

This stuff looks like a good solution for my muzzle flash idea. Is it easy to use?


it's pretty simple, it's green stuff world's I used got it from element games.  Use a uv torch (also from GSW in my case) to cure it, I put some clingfilm over a small plastic ball squirted some on top, let it run down the sides & then cured it.  Then I filled in the bits at the side dragging them out in spikes and hit it again.  I've seen people use it as dripping water, the resin cures fast enough you can catch it as a drip.  If I'd thought about it I would have put some in a container to put ink through it then poured it rather than straight out the bottle.


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It doesn’t matter, don’t stress, it’s just for fun!


I’ve got one model nearly done- its at the ‘probably needs more highlights but I’m scared of fucking it up if I touch it again’


same for the base


2nd dude needs a bit more work 

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You’re probably in a better place than me.  I’ve got a dude I’ve sprayed blue & another I’ve just started throwing paint at, and my bit of resin.  Really need to get more done this weekend, and think about a base.



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I can recommend Army Painter stuff for grass tufts etc. 


Also don't forget the garden! That large stone on my base is just a bit of stone from my back garden, and the smaller rocks are cork.


I also love the Citadel Skulls set which came with Mortal Realms a few months ago:





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You’re trying something new though, which I’m taking as the whole point of this. And new stuff always goes a bit wrong. Personally I’m really excited to see how your blast of blue/white light pans out - even if it doesn’t go how you wanted first time I’m sure it’ll give you ideas for next time when you’re under less time constraints.



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I agree. I’m using this as a break from unit painting. My gaming buddy and I are planning on a crusade campaign so I ‘need’ to paint 40K units for this but it’s nice to have a break and just paint for ‘fun’. 

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Been doing some work on my two today, trying to get the chaos sorcerer into a reasonable place.  Please ignore the face, don’t know what I’m doing there yet.




With my librarian someone suggested a secondary light source to balance the one from the front, so I’ve started working on that.  It’s not quite right, but I like the effect.  Although it has just occurred to me I’m going to have to carry it across to the terrain :doh:, but speaking of things I’ve never tried before:







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