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Favourite racing tracks in driving games...


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On 01/03/2021 at 17:29, Nobuo's Organ said:

Autumn Ring Reversed in an unmodified Dodge Viper RT/10 in the original Gran Turismo, slippy slidey fun.


Excellent combo. I've always said I think it's Polyphony's best game because their handling became too ‘safe’ thereafter, reducing excitement by blunting that oversteering edge it was so fun to teeter on.


Special Stage R11 — Gran Turismo
Dragon Range — Enthusia
The Amphiseum Reverse — WipEout Omega

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On 01/03/2021 at 12:36, Thor said:

Monza, INTERLAGOS, Monaco (yes, really, I fucking love it), INTERLAGOS, the track from the original Ridge Racer, INTERLAGOS, Brands Hatch.


Did I say Interlagos? Because, Interlagos.


I've grown to really like Interlagos (in GT Sport), which might change after tonight's FIA Manufacturer race.  But I've been practicing hard, sticking a good few hours in, and it's such a satisfying track when you get it right, wonderful flow to it.



On 01/03/2021 at 13:26, Parappa said:

Dragon Trial on GT sport is up there.  


Seaside - yes, Gardens, not so much.  GT has brought us some great fictional circuits!

Sticking with Sport, I really love the Autodrome Lago Maggiore - GP layout too.


As other have said, PGR (2 and 3 in particular, for me anyway) had some of the best fictional tracks in any game.  The track design was something that really helped them along.


Ridge Racer's Seaside Route also pops into my mind.


Real track wise, I really enjoy driving the Shanghai F1 track in F1 games, despite not thinking it's a particularly great track in real life for racing.  I think it's about the flow of it again.




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Even though it's 'only' the final track of the easiest cup, I've a huge soft spot for Aeropolis - Multiplex from F-Zero GX. It's the first track that (at high speed) demands every technique from you: not only air-brake drifting but the use of double-air-brake slingshot turns; air control for jumps and/or drops; [ab]use of mines to boost your speed as needed - it's the ideal track for learning the basics, and manages to be that odd combination of thrilling and relaxing once you've mastered it that I find distinctly compelling.


(10:26 onwards if the video doesn't automatically start there - I had to use a full cup video to find reasonable-quality footage of an actual race rather than time trials)

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Blur: Mt Haruna - At one point I had the fastest time in the world on the 360 for this track. Great for doing a TT and absolute CHAOS in a 20 player lobby!

Dirt(First one): Pikes Peak Hill Climb. Used to spend hours on this trying to beat my best time!

Ridge Racer: Short/Easy track - It's just an iconic circuit. Not much more to say.

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Burnout 2 - Big Surf Shores


It was a track that once you had learnt it, it was possible to chain boost your way around the whole circuit for 3 laps. Never felt more in the zone in a game than getting a perfect run on this track. 

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