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Games you want but can't find


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On 01/03/2021 at 12:54, Stejay said:

I thought it might be worth having a thread for games that you're after but can't find anywhere in case other forum members know of somewhere they are available from.  Here is my current list:




Just Lords of Vegas and SOS Titanic to go for now then, not that I hold out much hope of getting either.

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22 hours ago, salsashark said:


Thank you.  I haven't played any of the map add-ons before, and I saw this recommended as the best of the lot so fancy giving it a go.


EDIT: I didn't buy it in the end.  I only have the 10th Anniversary edition of Ticket To Ride now after giving my copy of Europe to my daughter, and Googling suggests the slightly bigger trains don't fit too well on the expansion maps.  Has anyone here had any issues with this?  I might have to buy a spare set of regular trains from somewhere first it seems.

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11 hours ago, ph0rce said:

Seems like it’s totally impossible to find the Marvel United game by CMON for sale over here; has it never been sold at retail here?


I’ve checked all obvious sources & nothing...


The X-men United one has just gone up on kickstarter.

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Seen a few people on the Facebook groups buying from amazon US for a semindecent price, seems to be easiest way to get it. Have you tried ebay? It's not gone retail here at all, although surely it will at some point. I'm sure they would have had a lot of extra sales off the back of people playing it if it had (not that they need them).


Annoyingly the Xmen KS has all the expansions but not the base game from the first campaign. I got the infinity pledge last time round and really enjoy the game but to get the rest of the stuff I missed out on plus the new xmen stuff it will probably run into about 300 bucks... :/ Sounds like the previous expansions won't be available at retail any more either so this will be the only way to get a lot of the stuff.

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Yeah, I saw that but as posted above, even if I wanted to back that & get the ridiculous add on from the first game it doesn’t actually include the core game, which they are saying is because it’s available at retail. But I guess that’s only in the US. 

I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything obvious about it being sold somewhere I hadn’t seen. 

And yeah, I’ve checked eBay but it’s all from US sellers so the postage doubles the price of the actual game. <_<

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The two Blood Bowl Team Manager expansions, Foul Play and Sudden Death I meant to pick them up when I was in the US for work trips practically every year from 2012 to 2018, but kept forgetting in favour of buying more comics and eventually they went out of print and then on eBay for stupid money. Bah.

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I'm 99% sure the reason board game fans spend so much on the hobby is the brief nature of stock on a lot of the games. Unless they're evergreen monstrosities shit goes out of print, so you buy it as soon as you see it. If you can't afford it then you have to make peace with the fact you're probably never going to own it, which is a bit freeing in and off itself tbh.

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