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Aliens Fireteam - They mostly come out online, mostly


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Looks like it's going to be Left4Dead with xenomorphs instead of zombies.



You play as a newly recruited member of the United States Colonial Marines. You create your own soldier and choose from one of five classes (gunner, demolisher, recon, technician, and doc), each with their own combat roles. For example, technicians can deploy portable turrets to lock down hallways or provide additional support fire; docs can provide their teammates with temporary buffs and healing; and so on. Players can further customize their characters with different cosmetics, weapon upgrades, unlocked perks, and more. It doesn’t appear to be a crazy deep amount of RPG-style tinkering, but it seems as though Cold Iron has been developing Fireteam with an eye toward replayability.


Being made by some outfit called Cold Iron Studios. Looking at their website I think this might be their first project.


At the very least it can't be worse than that Sony Predator multiplayer game though right?

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5 minutes ago, Timmo said:

It's like the game Alien Isolation, but with more than one alien, and you aren't isolated


I remember having pretty much this conversation in a past life during development of, well, another xenomorph-related title. For some reason, rather a lot of the design was centred around squad-based gameplay, with your AI buddies chattering inanely and fully dispelling any atmosphere or immersion that might have accidentally built up. I pointed out that it seems a bit hard to conjure up any of the horror aspects of the Alien universe in such circumstances.


I'm sure this game may end up being fun, but I don't know how much a Left 4 Dead clone can ever feel like Allen.

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11 minutes ago, Harsin said:

I want to play as a weaselly corporate type secretly undermining the rest of the team for the chance of increased XP at the end of the round.

Yeah, a dungeon master type role, similar to that in the Resident Evil Resistance MP mode.

I could get behind that (then stab it in the back).

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I feel like you could conjure up an Aliens feel in this. With regards Harsin's excellent idea of being a Reiser type, it could nominate one of you at random to be undermining the crew a little - bearing in mind that the Aliens would have no respect for that - and ask you to succeed but only such that one other player survives and that you do something at the end to booby trap him with an alien egg. Would lead to some nice tension as you try to work out whether that guy is trying to let you die or just fighting for his own survival/is this guy currently worth more to you alive or dead.


They could also plug in a semi-souls element where the first x people to die don't get any XP unless they get to an objective or a next run or something. Just so it's got some consequence. I don't know, I'm not a designer. But something where you're not just managing a pool of lives, but are really trying to personally not die.


Not that I expect more than a Left4Dead in aliens clothes, but there are options.

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