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Aliens Fireteam - They mostly come out online, mostly


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I'm wondering if the development team were huffing crack when they were thinking about the pacing in this. Thirty minutes of an easy stroll through the level, lock you in at the end with murderbastards, kill you and give you pretty much bugger all for your efforts except some pity XP.


Really puts me off playing it. Would some checkpoints have been too much to ask for? I don't even feel like I'm playing badly, tried to get a challenge done with the gunner on chapter 3 despite usually being tech and got annihilated in one section despite the rest of it being a walk in the park. 25 minutes wasted.

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On 24/04/2022 at 16:51, Spoonman said:

Add me on PSN. My brother and I are playing it after purchasing it in the sale. It's just us two and we are pretty chill (not exactly good, either) but it's great fun.

My ID is about if you want to add me (or post/ DM yours).

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Hopefully they added some decent AI to the bots this time. The first game could have been great, but it’s unplayable without a full online squad, and sadly you spend more time in the lobby screen hoping someone will join the game rather than actually playing the levels. 

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5 hours ago, Popo said:

Even harder enemies, that’s definitely what this game needs. 

It really pains me how these devs have a near perfect aliens shooter within their grasp but resolutely fail to take the right steps. I want to scream ‘enemy density!’ at them until my vocal chords are shredded. 

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