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Football kits 2021/22


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On 15/07/2021 at 11:28, Pants McSkill said:

Millwall's new kit.









I don't recall us having gold in our shirts before, so this feels very 'different'. I think I like it.

yeah I like it a lot.


we had gold a couple of time before.





and our promotion shirt in 2016



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On 24/05/2021 at 13:39, Smoothy said:

It gets worse for Spurs:



At least the 21/22 home kit leak was accurate, it's been released today.



So this kit... it's accurate, as it's out today. It's our AWAY kit, not even our third kit 😄

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Our away.




I've posted the unsponsored version as the matchday kit has a dirty great big white box in the middle to fit the scummy betting company and it utterly ruins the shirt.

Not keen on the sleeves, especially as they're a different shade to the stripes but it's not a bad effort - not as good as the kit it's based on though.

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On 22/07/2021 at 08:19, Smoothy said:

So this kit... it's accurate, as it's out today. It's our AWAY kit, not even our third kit 😄


13 hours ago, Yobo Ahoy said:

I think it's stunning. Probably in the minority! 


Yeah I really like it too, might even be tempted to buy it! 

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Our Philadelphia Eagles inspired Wrexham away kit with mixed fan reception feature lacing. I'm in the not keen club. Nice shade of green though.






And what club in their right mind would do an away kit launch without a LIMITED EDITION gin to go to go along with it?



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On 16/07/2021 at 13:58, wev said:

what it doesn't show you is that the back of the home shirt is just white...


I like the colour of the away but I don't listen to Jake Bugg and it feels too much like a band shirt





That's grim as. Sponsored by Jake Bugg. You need to take to the streets over that.*



* Cue Mike Skinner sponsorship next season.


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