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I want to play Hocus Pocus Doom!


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Look guys, I've played Doom to death on every console, played LAN parties in late 90's/Early 00's, hacked my Wii and PSP to play Doom on them with mods.


But I cant figure out how to play custom WADS/MODS on Doom on PC?!?


The whole shit confuses me with Brutal Doom and all these different clients.


I love to look of Brutal Doom and want to play that, with some easy drag n drop MOD/WAD interface... does this exist? I am spaz.


I want to play this beauty, a total Doom conversion that changes gameplay mechanics (keys, orbs, WAHOOS presumably) and everything to that of Apogee's classic.













Theres also a Castlevania Doom, but I havent played Castlevania much... but that Hocus Pocus looks and fits sublime <3 <3






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Thanks for mentioning Castlevania Doom.


I went down the rabbit hole a little and I'm really impressed with how it looks: 



I think that I'll give that a go soon. :hat:

However, that doesn't really help you get Hocus Pocus Doom going.  Maybe we can help you through the process of setting it up?

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