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Guess the mystery 80s table top game!

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Here's a fun weekend puzzler. I was shown some old photos recently and saw this being played? I've absolutely no idea what game it is, I certainly don't remember seeing anything like it at the time. It obviously resembles an aircraft so I presume it is. Other than that and dates of around the very late 80s/early 90s, that's it. Extra bonus point for the Scalextric model pack, that one I do know! ;)


This is either going to be cleared up in a couple of posts or stump everyone!






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  • gizmo1990 changed the title to Guess the mystery 80s table top game!
14 hours ago, JamesC said:


For some reason Tomy came to mind when I saw the original question. It seems Tomy did have something similar at least according to this site. Nice find.


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