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They're still trying to capture the TV experience rather than the actual.


I'd use a behind-the-shoulder camera, and then assign the triggers to your arms. That way you can use their range for power, balancing your stamina. Hold them both to block, letting you move at the same time; because it's stupid being rooted otherwise. Calculate power according to whether you and your opponent were moving towards or away, able to move and punch at the same time, losing power the faster you move away, or gaining it at the risk of a KO for flying in.


And then lastly use the rightstick to aim and control body movement while blocking, where you'd hold up for uppercuts, down for body shots, and left or right for hooks and overhands (orthodox/southpaw determines which according to trigger). Neutral for standard jab and straight.

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It may be rose tinted goggles time but I always think the original Fight Night game nailed the whole boxing movement/arms thing using the analogue sticks to shape the punches you could throw - it was something even they couldn't match trying to make it better in sequels.


Then again I may play it now and find its shite.

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It took too long and was prone to misreads. When they let us play with buttons instead no-one bothered any more.


It just seems so obvious to use triggers to me, making punch-delivery and stamina-balancing immediately intuitive. My control scheme's not perfect (limiting to eight punches without a tie-up system through necessity), but it lets you transition between punching and blocking alongside full-body movement, with the ability to end fights with a single punch through calculation rather than lottery.

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I don't think the controller exists to make an accurate and intuitive boxing simulation, although adaptive triggers on PS5 would be a great help. There's just too much to consider.


You could hand off an amount to the hardware to do on the fly, under the guise of general strategies, then have a mid-round game within a game to shape that. I think that would be interesting.


Nonethless, quite excited by this. Clearly being handled by people who know the sport.

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 New names added to the roster...


Sugar Ray Leonard
Riddick Bowe
Larry Holmes
Tommy Morrison
Michael Hunter
Sebastian Fundora
Lawrence Okolie
Mark Johnson
Kevin Kelley
Katie Taylor
Delfine Persoon
Lucian Bute
Murodjon Akmadaliev
Israil Madrimov
Bektemir Melkuziev
Sharkhram Giyasov
Dimitry Bivol
Julio Cesar Chavez SR
Hector Camacho SR
Hector Camacho JR
Jake LaMotta
Wladimir Klitschko
Vitali Klitschko
Muhammad Ali



This is shaping up really nicely. 

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This is looking really slick. A significant new boxing game has been a long time coming, and really hope this delivers on what looks to be a lot of promise.


100+ licensed boxers sounds like it would cost a fortune, but guessing a lot of the rights have been fairly reasonable to pick up given there’s not been a game in a while.


Hopefully there’s a decent career mode, and even some licensed venues. Would be cool working up from nondescript halls and ballrooms to headlining the MGM or MSG.

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