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Tetris and Project Gotham Racing 4.


Keep going back to these all the time. Despite having the latest games and console hardware. Tetris Effect is a great version although still enjoy firing up the GameBoy and playing on there. Something about that that version just plays so well.


As for PGR4 its just the perfect driving game for me. Every time I fire it up spend a good hour or two just enjoying. Just a fun uncomplicated game with lots of variety and tight gameplay on interesting circuits.


 Which is the problem I find with many games these days just too much thrown at you all the time. Love simplicity sometimes.



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15 hours ago, Welrain said:

Fallout 4.  I love the building aspect of the game.  Probably put upwards of 100 hrs easily into the game.  Never completed the main quest.

I spent so much time on this. Completely barricaded my town and built a massive barracks. Fencing and sentry guns everywhere to cover the blind spots along the river around the back. I built all sorts of half-forgotten structures on Abernathy Farm as well but I think I hit the building limits there quite quickly. I've held off on the DLC after completing the main story four times but I'm quite keen to go back and have another look at what I've built five years later. Maybe when I have a PS5 in future.

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Ghouls n Ghosts, the Megadrive version primarily but any version will do. This was the first game I saw running on the MD and it was absolutely stunning! 


Mario 64, swimming around with the fishes. So chilled out!


Shenmue, walking from Ryo’s house down to the small village with the phone box. Lovely peaceful area to wander around.


Monkey Island 2 / Fate of Atlantis / Day of the Tentacle. These games make me feel young again and some of the settings in these games are lovely!





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Still play Medieval 2 Total War now and then, lot less complicated than the newer ones and quicker to get an empire going

Call of Duty Cold War & Plants v Zombies online, I play and love Battlefield V aswell but you have to concentrate more and aim better, feels like I’m crawling around on the floor half the time!

Mario Kart 8 online played since release on Wii U

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