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Clap Hanz Golf / Easy Come Easy Golf (spiritual successor to Everybody’s Golf) - Now on Nintendo Switch!


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Curry’s were giving away codes for 4 months of Arcade not long ago (with a purchase). Some are on eBay and I imagine a fairly low best offer might get you one. Just an option if you want a cheap way of signing up.

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3 minutes ago, Hello Goaty ♥ said:

I might get an Apple TV for this, whats the minimum one that allows Apple Arcade?

Apple TV HD £150, or 4K for £200, but the 4K one has a better processor so will run the games better. Rumours of a new one this year.


The amount of stuff released today on Apple Arcade is way more than normal. 

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8 hours ago, Paulando said:

WTF, a new mobile golf game from the makers of the best golf games ever™ and nobody thought to tell me??


Just subbed to Apple Arcade again to try this and first impressions are solid. Looks fab and it works really well with the touch screen, but time will tell if it’s good enough to keep me as hooked as the PSP/PS Vita games did.


Any more impressions on this?







This is incredible 

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33 minutes ago, Gotters said:

I thought I'd played this before, believe it was a FTP dud, looks like Apple Arcade retooled a load of old games and dropped them in last day or so



This isn’t one of those re-tooled games. You might be getting it mixed up with another FTP dud golf game (a Clap Hanz rip off perhaps?).

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Confusing it for Pangya maybe?

im kinda glad to hear this doesn’t have online... that would tip me over.

 But I think I can do without, I was just thinking of getting the vita out again the other day too just for some golf.

of course if there was a new ps5 game...

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Played a few rounds now and feel like I’ve got a grip on it, but the putting seems much less forgiving than the PlayStation games. Think it’s because any deviation from stroking exactly vertical causes a slight direction change, plus you really seem to have to hit the hole dead centre. Great fun though all round

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