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Clap Hanz Golf / Easy Come Easy Golf (spiritual successor to Everybody’s Golf) - Now on Nintendo Switch!


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+ Shiny. Golfers! I was about to go to bed, when I got a "rare"  costume version of Rosie to matchplay. It literally has sparkly bits all round it. Since then, I've found a couple more, and just like in Pokémon where they aren't actually any better than regular, they are also SO MUCH BETTER!


- OB bunkers. This new rule introduced for the Boss match against Olive was seriously annoying. I thought I had her beat, then managed to roll 1cm too far on a drive and ended up going to round 7 of Sudden Death.


+ Skill ceiling. There is a beautiful sense of improvement throughout, leading to you not only taking more risks at times, but also realising when you just need to play it safe. Sure, there will be freaks online with all level 30 teams, but anyone at or slightly above your own level is probably beatable if you just play more smartly then them.


+ The whole "team" concept. I wasn't sure at first, but now I think it's a great addition. It's not just about stats, I NEED to have Bella somewhere in my 9! As more characters become available, you can really start to tailor to your own playstyle, or focus on having the most well-rounded group.


- Dodgy decisions. I'm sure this is actually just me, and if so this really should be a +, but there are times when it feels like the game isn't playing completely fair. Shanking regularly-powered straight shots for no reason, or JUST rolling that tiny bit further that means semi-rough seems to always happen when it is going to cause you the biggest problem. (Even good games make you want to throw the controller down in frustration sometimes.)


+ It's less than £20!




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This thread deserves more golfing love. Easily my favourite casual golf game since the last Everybodys Golf. Spending more time playing for outfits and colours than I should.


My a-team has to include Mina, Fred, Don Papas, Kazuo and Bella. The rest I'm easy with, but Prisilla can bolt as she a wee underpowered nyaff. 

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