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Walkthroughs and solutions getting harder to find

Anne Summers

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On winding road that stretches through a barren piece of wasteland, between the town of Malekin and the village of Finvarra, is a seven year old boy who's been crucified by a demon and left to bleed to death. He'll die soon, and I won't be able to do anything to help him. Because he's a character in a computer game. A computer game I can't work out how to play, and I can't find a solution for. 


I mentioned this recently in another thread but there's been a number of times recently where I've wanted to find a solution for a game, but haven't been able to. In several cases, I know that solutions used to be available somewhere, but the sites they were on are no longer online and I guess they aren't reposted anywhere, as Google can't find them. 


One example is Wonderland , the Magnetic Scrolls adventure. I've solved it in the past, so I just wanted to use a walkthrough to skip some of the early bits and see the graphics and animations from later on in the game, again. But the only walkthrough I've found (on the Magnetic Scrolls memorial site) has an error - at least, I can't use it to get past the bit I've got stuck on. 


The game I mentioned at the start of this post is Phoenix, a Spectrum text adventure from Zenobi. There are loads of old text adventures that don't have solutions online, but in the old days I would have been able to go to World of Spectrum or Your Sinclair Rock n Roll Years and see if one was ever printed in Your Sinclair, which I have a feeling there would have been. 


Anyway, I'm interested in knowing about games that other people can't finish, because they're stuck and there's no help available online for them. There must be quite a few out there, seeing that sometimes it seems old game material is disappearing from the internet quicker than it's being created and uploaded these days, sadly. 

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18 hours ago, andys said:

Also for wonderland there seems to be a walkthrough at lemonamiga, but I can't vouch for it. https://www.lemonamiga.com/games/docs.php?id=1809

I'll definitely have a go at that one. I'm pretty sure I eventually managed to get past the point in Wonderland where the other walkthrough let me down, but I'll start again just to see, as the sticking point was quite early. 

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