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Gamesmaster: The Oral History (Kickstarter)


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Mine arrived yesterday. I’ve only had time to flick through, but it’s clearly up to the standard of ROM’s previous books - lovely design and just a really nice feel to it. The pages are pure pleasure to even touch, let alone read.


The nostalgic glow of the first few pages has been a nice tonic for a world that, for now anyway, feels a bit chaotic and bleak. 

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Just received this:


Dear GamesMaster: The Oral History backer,

I'm very happy to see that many of you now have your copy of the book at long last, but some of you are still waiting. After a protracted wait for books to arrive with backers, well beyond the delivery window provided by our warehouse, I finally received an explanation for the very slow speed of the mailout yesterday: the warehouse is struggling with a sudden staff shortage, hence the job has moved much more slowly than they first projected for us. Naturally I'm frustrated that I'm only learning this now, but they have assured me that they are working flat out to see the last copies sent out, and that the vast majority has already been shipped/delivered.

If you have not received your book yet, please be assured they are on it, and you should expect to see it land very soon. My understanding is that this primarily affects backers of the Dominik Diamond Signed Edition.

I've worked with this mailing house on every Read-Only Memory Kickstarter project and they are always extremely careful and efficient – this is the first time I've experienced such an issue with them. We have obviously also had the unwelcome Royal Mail strike action of last week to throw into the mix, contributing to the issue further. I can only apologise for yet another hurdle in getting our books to you promptly – for any of you that are still waiting, you can expect to see your copy land with you in the coming days, if not today.

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