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Battle Axe

Oh Danny Boy

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Haven’t noticed a topic for this, thought I’d start one as it looks like a game that deserves a bit of attention.


Loving the vibes from this, like they took Gauntlet, Golden Axe and Dungeon and Dragons and threw them into a blender. The pixel art is gorgeous yet has a distinct 90s retro feel too. Not to mention a banging soundtrack. Out at the end of the month, I’m looking forward to this. 

A more in-depth look: 



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Thank you! I hadn't heard of this. Had fun playing last night, the wifey seems to be the way to go.

Got to the second boss, it was a giant enemy crab!

390,470 so far.

Would be nice if the controls were rebindable in game and that camera could do with zooming out, but it's quite good fun so far!

Those prick snake things that come out of the ground on stage 2 can get to soddery.

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Had a go last night and got to the third boss.
It's a big blue dragon worm lad and the fight lasts forever!


Next time I'm gonna try upgrading projectile power after stage 2.
I just left that how it was since I was pretty much only using the shot for bosses and enemy generators that I couldn't reach.

Might try taking a bomb or a magic scroll into that fight as well, that'd take the thick off the wriggly prick.


He shoots fireballs at you and they're really ungenerous with the hitboxes on those things, you have to dash just to make sure sometimes.


In between attacks he causes a tidal wave and that brings with it puffer fish and sea mines, and I think you're supposed to use them against him, like knock them towards him and then shoot them to explode in his face, but I didn't have much luck with that, and they didn't seem to do too much damage so I was just getting them out the road in case they blew up in my face, mostly.


I'm really digging the rhythm of the game, and you can whizz through the levels once you've got the combat down.


482,770 is my best so far.

Whack the lanterns here and they drop you a chicken




Another thing I've learned is be careful from which side you're whacking a chest. So many times I've watched a chicken fly into the abyss or land tantalisingly just outside the playarea!

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This looks great. (Actually, it looks spectacular!) The review above almost had me buying it immediately when comparing it to Zombies Ate My Neighbours, but that price is a very sticky point indeed. And, now ... I'm thinking that I would absolutely love a new version of Zombies, but the only hope for that is if Konami make a Pachinko version of it.

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General consensus seems to that it’s fun but gameplay is a bit basic and it’s short lived. I’m definitely going to pick it up but it’s not a £30 game unfortunately, I’m waiting for it to drop but I’d know I’d definitely have a blast on it. 

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I bought this last week for £12.49 on Xbox digitally (still seems to be that price) and it's great. I can see why it may be too simple for a younger gamer who needs elaborate cutscenes telling unnecessary story, and crafting etc, but as someone who is often disillusioned with modern gaming I feel right at home. Easy to pick up and play but a nice learning curve and plenty incentive to better my score. 


The graphics and music are fantastic too, with the art really showing how a retro look should be done properly on a modern console. The cheesy voice over just adds to the vibe and wouldn't have been out of place in an early 90's arcade. 


Totally reminds me of a blend of Gauntlet, Golden Axe and Mercs which are all good things in my book. 



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