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Unbeatable - "A game where music is illegal and you do crimes" - Kickstarter-funded rhythm action/adventure

Nick R

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This Kickstarter is doing very well: its $55k initial goal was met in 15 hours, and its funding has now reached over $100k.










RPS article: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/rhythm-game-unbeatable-has-a-demo-and-it-slaps



There's a demo called Arcade Mix on itch.io:




And Steam has what sounds like a more substantial demo of the game's "standalone episodic side-story" Unbeatable [white label], which will be updated during the Kickstarter funding period:




Here's a video of someone playing through all the tracks in the demo (with an attempt at playing one of them on Hard at the very end):






RPS says that the default controls for the up/down actions are the D and F keys, but it looks to me like it'll work best with them on the L/R shoulder buttons (like in Frequency & Amplitude).

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I think Edge gave this a mention when it was super-early, but there was hardly any info at the time. It does look great though, and I've already backed for a digital copy. :) The two-lane thing is a lot like Muse Dash but it definitely has its own flavour as well.


A couple of notes about the demo - I think it starts by just throwing you in there, but you'll want to dive into the options and set your offset/lag when possible. Also the "Game Over" state is kind of similar to the pause screen, so don't be too alarmed if it seems a bit abrupt!


EDIT: also, the tutorial doesn't explain the timing that well, but everything coming towards you has a circle around it that closes in on a second circle (Ouendan style) and you hit the button when they overlap. Also, things will change from white to pink just as you're expected to hit the button, so that's your cue for precision timing.

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Guess I'll give the bindings a blast on the Deck when it arrives (not that they couldn't be rebinded anyway, obvs). I got a feeling the back paddles will be a bit too firm to slap about, but it's something fun to do. Probably a bigger deal for KB players refusing to do anything other than DJMax/Muse Dash bindings, whatever the fuck they are.


I didn't realise we had a dedicated thread for this game, funnily enough. White Label is brilliant, and the amount of playable content for a demo is staggering. Genuinely worth a look even if you're half-way curious.

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