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The Longing - Real Time 400 Days and Nights Alone

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This came out on PC last year and Switch yesterday and I think it could probably do with a little more attention. Basically, you play as the last servant to a King who has fell asleep for 400 days to recover his strength. You stand watch over him during that time. But the game runs in real time, so the moment you start playing, the counter starts counting down and then 400 days later, the King awakens. 


Of course, you could load the game today, put it down and then come back 400 days later and watch the King awaken. Game Over. Or you can see one of the other 8 endings by playing a bit daily. So it's kinda like Animal Crossing, but with crushing loneliness and despair. 


Basically, you can keep your character entertained for his time alone. He can read books, go exploring and decorate his home. But as things run in real time, there are some places you have to wait to be able to access. Want to get across that trench but can't? Wait a few weeks for the drip in the ceiling to fill it with water so you can swim across. 


It sounds different and unique enough for me to give it a punt. Plus the artstyle is fantastic, which goes a long way for me. Hopefully it lives up to it and I'll report back on 20 May 2022 to tell you whether it was worth it. 

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Yeah I'm fascinated by it. Not sure if it's something I'd rather have on PC or the Switch, as it seems like the perfect thing to play while browsing the forum and stuff.

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6 minutes ago, moosegrinder said:

I like the premise, I think it's fascinating as a prospect but there's no way I'll ever play it. Also is the clock tied to an internet connection or can you just cheat the system?

Possie game spoilers:



Apparently, the more stuff you collect for your home, the happier your character is and the faster time moves when he's there. You can make time 1:10 seconds when you're there if you have enough stuff. 

Don't know if it is possible to cheat the clock, though. 

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If the switch had quick resume I'd give it a go. The idea of closing down, the very slow to load Bowers Fury, for this is too much of a barrier for me.

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It's... intriguing. The main character moves so slowly around, which makes sense I suppose - he's in no rush. You can make him auto return home without guidance if you need to. He's constantly talking to himself and commenting on the environment. 


It's so pretty, though. And the music is beautifully haunting. :wub:

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