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Cooking with one hand

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My Dad broke his wrist last week, and although I'm staying with him now to help out with various tasks he can't easily do himself, it'll probably be a couple of months until he's mostly recovered, so I'm a bit concerned about the fact that it will be impossible (or at least very difficult and dangerous) for him to chop vegetables until then. Which might make it a lot more difficult to maintain a relatively balanced diet. I'm wondering if any of you went through something similar and what solutions you came up with.


Looked into meal kits but they are normally for two people minimum (although I suppose that is lunch sorted) and most don't have the ingredients pre-prepared. I see that most of the online grocery services offer pre-sliced vegetables,  though I'm not sure I'll be able to convince him to order groceries, despite the fact that he definitely shouldn't be driving.

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Pre sliced veg and meat definitely seem like a good idea. Tesco do these packets of diced frozen garlic and ginger that I really like. Using a knife one handed sounds like a bad idea. 


I got given this Brabantia jar opener which is actually super useful:



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If your dad has a freezer, loading it up with prepped frozen veg might be a good plan. Loads of variety available, and whilst I've only tried one or two things myself, they seem to be really popular. I pick loads of them in my job.


I bust both my wrists a while ago, and suddenly realised how important pre-prepped veg is. I'd assumed it was mostly for people with more money than time, but obviously loads of people rely on it. It actually changed the way I did my job. Before I'd swap sliced runner beans for unsliced ones, for example. Now I swap in the closest prepped veg I can find. 

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Yeah there is definitely an overlap between people who use such products for convenience, and those who use them out of necessity. Like a lot of a accessibility-oriented things I suppose.


Unfortunately the freezer will need clearing out before I try to put anything else in there!

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