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Lost Judgment - 21 Pink Street


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43 minutes ago, Down by Law said:

Pretty good overall but I don't think I'd play a third one. I don't think Yagami is a great lead if I'm honest, he's certainly no Ichiban. The supporting cast carry it. 


Agreed, time for a change of direction and come to think of it i didn`t like the the route they took with unlocking some side missions either.  Tab hang on some conversations round the city and hope it picks up a key word (which the conversations don`t half the time) then go investigate the hot spot and unlock a side quest.


It was so much better just showing you where the side mission is straight of like the yakuzas.

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I think my problem with Yagami is it's hard to relate to a guy who looks 45 years old, dresses like a 20 year old, preaches about righteousness like a 70 year old, whose transport method of choice is a Skateboard. The character, tonally, is just fucking weird. 


The main story was better than the original though for the simple fact that outside of the opening I never had to do any of those wretched tailing missions again. 


Kaito and the rest of the squad are great though. Would be a shame not to see them again.

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25 minutes ago, Gambit said:

Isn't Kaito getting some story dlc next year?

Yeah he is. 


And whilst it's clear Yagami is a Mary Sue for most of the writers and producers, I can't help but like him. I think Greg Chun's amazing voice work contributes though. 


Which is probably not even a thing for those who don't play the English dub. 


But yeah I'm ready for more Ichiban soon. Cos LAD was that good. 

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Genuinely just laughed out loud at a cutscene in chapter 10 



Yagami and kitakata fucked up at the end of their fight. And then we get a brief Like a dragon cameo. 

50hrs now and 70% completion. Wish I knew how to play Shogi, Mahjong and koi-koi.


Could even consider going for 100% then. 

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