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I wouldn't myself have the gall to have published this at this point in time, and having had the life of freedom she has that most people can't conceive of. I was briefly in classes run by Deborah Levy, and once teased her a wee bit when getting her to sign a book at a prize-giving, by saying I'd bought it in a charity shop. I decided to tell her this because I thought the existence of the books should be what matters, and a few of her colleagues seemed very far from aware of their privilege, having been to good universities and teaching struggling people at a former poly fourth from the bottom of the 'league'. In the middle of one lecture an American student, an arrogant man of 20, stopped her and complained about the autobiographical content of what she was delivering. I didn't at the time think that at all fair, or the right way to go about making a complaint. But now she does seem a bit wrapped up in herself, and has been allowed by blinkered academia and tin-eared broadsheets alike to see empowerment in this, as if a white woman not exactly selling her labour is hard done by.




"I've spent so much of my life dreaming of homes I can't afford."


I have never myself looked in an Estate Agent window, at 50, and I've never had a home where I slept in a separate room from where the (charity shop) sofa was, in fact I'm still in my first home. Two of my only slightly younger friends moved back in with their parents, a couple of them are dead long before their time. Everyone I know who went to university did not achieve a career based on it or put material distance between themselves and their parents or make an advance in economic autonomy. If I were in Deborah's shoes I would have kept shtuum about all this. As a concern it seems to me a far cry from the concern of having 'a room of one's own'.


It'd be nice to have space for a table, and a table in it.

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