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Single tracks that ruin an otherwise great album


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On 16/05/2021 at 18:32, Loik V credern said:


I know people have said this before but i don't think that album drops in quality towards the end, plus I've always really liked Midnight Show. On Top, Believe Me Natalie are good. Change Your Mind is the weakest track on the album i think, something by the numbers filler about it. Was it people wanted more of the bite of Mr Brightside because i do think Midnight Show has that. If anything, given how poor the last 15 years of their music has been, I'd think they'd be a re appraisal of Hot Fuss as a whole. 

Hmm, a bit of a guilty pleasure for me The Killers, and as a live act they, err, kill it, but I would say Sam’s Town is their best album overall, but also I really liked last years Imploding The Mirage, especially that opening track My Own Souls Warning, very War On Drugs, in fact I believe Adam Granduciel plays on it.

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Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots by The Flaming Lips had at least one track on it that (e.g. title track Pt 2.) seemed to deliberately be placed to stop you playing it as background music at a posh dinner party with your middle class friends. 

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