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Ranking of MCU


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This was done a while ago but seems the topic has disappeared. Or I can't use search. Anyway... Everyone loves a ranking topic and as the MCU is heading into the new Phase proper soon this seems a decent time to do one (...again)


Infinity War - immense. Not much more to say really.

Avengers Assemble - a special movie. Not perfect - it takes too long to really get going, it's second act is overly indulgent, it's a bit too Whedon-y in parts, it has some awful art design (...Cap...) but fuck, it's great. I saw this in the cinema in the day it came out, at a lunchtime showing, alone. During the Widow intro the film broke. I didn't care. To this day I can recall, during the Tony/Thor fight, seeing in the corner of my vision a disabled man with 2 carers sat in the front row getting so into it he was waving his arms around, which makes me smile in a slightly sad way.

Civil War - great. Just great. Excellent intros for Black Panther and Spidey, series peak action, everyone on top form, and a genuinely good villain unlike anything else in the series. Superb.

Endgame - an incredible finale and some brilliant moments but it's messier movie than it's predecessor. And I hate fat Thor. 

Captain America - the Winter Soldier - well. It's kinda great. Fun plot. Great action. Good villains - that fight is a series highlight. It's brilliant.

Thor Ragnarok - excellent. Funny, beautiful, great performances... It kinda succeeds in ways Black failed with IM3. It's clearly it's own thing but it also fits in the series perfectly well. So much great about it - piss off ghost, friend from work, get help, Des and Troy, are you the god of hammers, Hopkins playing Loki playing Odin...

Iron Man - the one that started it all and still at the top end of things. Iconic casting, decent action, a good origin. It even still looks good - the tank scene is still an awesome moment that wouldn't stand out in a blockbuster today.

Guardians of the Galaxy - it shouldn't work. But it does. Wastes its villain and Thanos is crowbarred in, but who cares. It's funny, beautiful, has moments of incredible emotion (that opening..  I saw that film about a month after losing a parent, and that moment felt very real). Great.

Spider-Man: Homecoming - so good. Just a really good take on a simple Spidey story. Takes a easily done badly villain and makes him both scary but also relatable and somewhat down to earth. And the twist, and the scene in the car... Excellent. Excellent. Excellent.

Captain America: the First Avenger - Saturday afternoon fun embodied. It's silly, it's simple, but it's great. It's a brilliant origin story of a character, that endures through the series. It's big problem is basically it's very light on action, to the extent they basically jog through the near of what would be the action in a montage. Weaving is a good Red Skull, Hayley Attwell one of the best female characters in the series, Tommy Lee-Jones chews through every scene. Good fun.

Spider-Man: Far from Home - a clever take on Mysterio and basically good fun start to finish, the big failing I think is Stark looming over it. I 'get' it but it feels like time for Spider-Man to come into his own.

Doctor Strange - the most 'normal' origin they'd done in a while and it's a bit too easy to call this 'Iron Man but it's magic', but it's a decent film. Suffers from a bad villain, a basic part filler to give Strange something to battle against. Still fun though and again, some nice emotion - the Ancient One has a very touching moment. 

Thor - I like the first Thor film. It's not incredible and it's absurd how much of it is shot in near darkness (the Jotunheim stuff is stupidly dark at times), and it leans heavily on the Sword in the Stone and the faux Shakespearean gag, but it's fun. I even like Hopkins performance - the moment he disarmingly growls at Loki in anger is a moment I think only someone with Hopkins gravitas could pull off.

Black Panther - unusual in the series in that it's basically saved by it's villain. It has an excellent one. But beyond that it's a fairly simple film with some ropey CGI and some Bond inspiration. It's a better film in its importance than it is in its merits as a movie I think. But that's a top tier villain from Michael B Jordan.

Ant-man - a side story really but just a fun ride. Still has elements of the Edgar Wright take and has some brilliantly fun stuff (the Disintegration gag is top tier). I even like the casting and portrayal of Pym, with Michael Douglas playing an older, cantankerous version of Hank superbly.

Ant-man and the Wasp - a less good sequel with a crap villain and less brilliant action. It's fine.

Avengers: Age of Ultron - it's not the great earth shattering film the first was. It's trying to do too much and ends up kinda fluffing it's lines. Ultron is a decent villain but he's one were to do the most with him, it has to be his film, and it's not. It's his film, Wanda and Pietro's film, and Visions film, as well as acting like a development piece for the other secondary cast members. A missed opportunity that is perfectly fine, but should have been spectacular.

GotG V2 - I always feel conflicted on this. There's bits of this film that are some of the best things in the series. Theres incredible moments of tender emotion - the scene where Mantis feels Drax's pain while he sits quietly with a wistful smile is top tier. The moment where Quill finds the truth of his mother's fate and INSTANTLY starts to shoot, brilliant. 'He may be your father, boy, but he wasn't your daddy', brilliant. The Father and Son ending, excellent. But then it's got this weirdly cruel streak in it too - baby Groot being tormented, the meaningless killing of the crew by Taserface. And i don't like where they take Peter and the whole ending sequence is a bit naff. Eh... On another day I'll adore it but today there's something that just taints it.

Captain Marvel - a fairly weak origin story. The 90s thing is cool, the 'twist' is decent, and the inspirational 'falling through life' stuff is very well done, but Danvers isn't a great character and I'm not sure Larsen's performance is much cop.

Iron Man 3 - the most divisive of the series. I don't really like a lot of it. It's not that it's a bad film, it isn't, but it doesn't really fit the series very well. It's an odd outlier. A Shane Black movie in a series where it kinda just...is. it was obviously meant to be a possible end point for RDJ if talks went bad, and it's probably the most obviously retconned in the series. 

Incredible Hulk - an awful, awful Hulk design, and nothing really outstanding in any of it, it's not terrible but has ended up being one the most forgotten of the series - the only thing carrying over being Ross and even he is basically a different character now. Should have been so much more.

Thor the Dark World - the film that most belies there being a mess behind the scenes. There's things to like - Loki's dropping his glamour in the cell is one of the greatest emotional moments in the series - but it's a mess otherwise. It's a weirdly small movie, it completely throws characterisation of its villain in the bin, the humour is all over the place... It was said that during the making they struggled for a director and ending giving it to Alan Taylor to just get it done. Still fun but not good.

Iron Man 2 - holding pattern of a movie, it's got a good scene and that's it, nothing else of worth happens, which is particularly shameful because it's got Sam Rockwell in it. The most clear moment in the series of it spinning it's wheels.


Maybe can do the Netflix and Disney+ stuff as well...

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Agree with pretty much all those comments tbh, so I'll not repeat them. Listing below though includes the recent Disney+ stuff as the Netflix stuff seems to being (rightfully) ignored in the grand scheme of things.


  1. Avengers: Infinity War - 9/10
  2. Avengers: Endgame - 8/10
  3. Civil War  - 8/10
  4. The Winter Soldier - 8/10
  5. Guardians of the Galaxy - 8/10
  6. Thor: Ragnarok - 8/10
  7. The Avengers - 8/10
  8. Thor - 7/10
  9. Iron Man - 7/10
  10. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 - 7/10
  11. Ant-Man - 7/10
  12. Spider-Man: Homecoming - 7/10
  13. Doctor Strange - 7/10
  14. Black Panther - 6/10
  15. Captain America - 6/10
  16. Spider-Man: Far From Home - 6/10
  17. Ant-Man and the Wasp - 6/10
  18. Avengers: Age of Ultron - 5/10
  19. WandaVision - 5/10
  20. Captain Marvel - 4/10
  21. The Incredible Hulk - 4/10
  22. Iron Man 2 - 3/10
  23. Iron Man 3 - 3/10
  24. Thor: The Dark World - 3/10
  25. Falcon and the Winter Soldier - 2/10
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Morph Tier


Thor: The Dark World

The Incredible Hulk


Jubilee Tier



Avengers: Age of Ultron

Iron Man 2

Iron Man 3


Cyclops Tier


Captain Marvel

Black Panther

Doctor Strange

Ant-Man and the Wasp

Spider-Man: Far From Home


Magneto Tier


Civil War


Captain America

Avengers: Endgame

Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Spider-Man: Homecoming


Galactus Tier


Iron Man

The Avengers

The Winter Soldier

Avengers: Infinity War


Squirrel Girl Tier


Guardians of the Galaxy

Thor: Ragnarok

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A Tier:

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Thor: Ragnarok

Avengers: Infinity War

Iron Man

Spider-Man: Far From Home


B Tier:

Avengers: Endgame

Captain Marvel

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The Avengers


C Tier:

Ant-Man and the Wasp

Iron Man 3

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Captain America: Civil War


Captain America: The First Avenger

Black Panther


D Tier:

Iron Man 2

The Incredible Hulk


Dr Strange

Thor: The Dark World

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12 minutes ago, ckny said:

These threads are just an excuse for everyone to show how much they love lists by typing out the names of the films IN FULL. No GotG allowed here. I’ve never seen so many colons. :wub:


True fans write out "Iron Man Three" because that's the way it appears on-screen in the closing credits!

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12 hours ago, Chindie said:

This was done a while ago but seems the topic has disappeared. Or I can't use search.


I think the old ranking thread was made by someone who not only left the the forum, but deleted it before leaving so it doesn't even show as "Thread Owner". Possibly VeloS/Spainkiller, like the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance thread in Discussion which has also vanished?

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2 hours ago, Garwoofoo said:

Top 3:


Infinity War

Winter Soldier

Guardians of the Galaxy


Bottom 3:


Black Panther

Iron Man 3

Thor 2


Everything else somewhere in the middle.

That’s pretty much how I would rank them too, but I would replace Black Panther with Spiderman - Far from home.


As nice as it’s been to see some of my favourite comic book characters brought to the big screen, for me Disney have played it far too safe and given us a lot of very average and safe films.

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I think it's interesting watching them in the context of having finished the "infinity saga" and how they all now feel like episodes of a larger thing. I like seeing how it all works and joins together. As a result, I enjoyed them all so much more on a full re-watch. 

The only one I consider actually shit is The Incredible Hulk. It's quite a dire and boring watch. 

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It surprises me that people regularly rate the Guardians sequel below the first one. I understand why critics thought it was worse, because as a standalone piece of entertainment, yes it definitely doesn't work as well. But as part of the MCU's approach of basically long episodes in the most expensive TV series ever, there is a ton of great character stuff in there, and it's emotionally engaging on a level that I don't think any other Marvel films are (besides Spider-Verse). It also is more rewarding of repeat watches I find. I reckon they're about on par, all considered.

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Here's the MCU review that I did in the lead-up to Endgame:


On 29/04/2019 at 14:06, MansizeRooster said:

The story so far, spoilered for length:


  Hide contents

1. Iron Man: What needs to be said? RDJ kills it, the armour is excellent, the CG fares surprisingly well given its age. 9/10


2. The Incredible Hulk: The MCU's most awkward, least thought of entry. Quite clearly retrofitted late in production to reference Iron Man. Casting Edward Norton is probably the most regrettable mistake in the series. Quite a lot of character dead ends. Despite that, lovely production, and a fun story. 5/10


3. Iron Man 2: Widely reviled, undeservedly so. Given modern understanding of the interplay between MCU films, the additional characters don't come across as much like sequel advertising as like part of the overarching narrative. Sam Rockwell absolutely nails it, one of the best antagonists in the entire MCU. Solid sequel. 7/10


4. Thor: Definitely showing its age at this stage, both in its CG and in its general tone and storytelling. Anthony Hopkins is excellent, Tom Hiddleston is competant but yet to find his swagger. Everything to do with Natalie Portman is a total yawn-fest. Thor breaking in to the SHIELD compound is a definite highlight. 6/10


5. Captain America: The First Avenger: This does surprisingly well, and works well when taken into the context of the Cap trilogy. It's just as much about Bucky's journey as Cap's. Red Skull is an excellent villain. 6/10


6. Avengers Assemble: Total classic, here we see the MCU fun and exciting tone in full force for the first time. Special effects are largely excellent, and does a surprisingly good job of introducing all characters, regardless of what you've seen before. 9/10


7. Iron Man 3: One of the worst MCU films in my book. It's story and motivations are completely at odds with the rest of the MCU storylines, Iron Man is all but absent in the film and is comically depowered, the Mandarin misdirect is horribly executed, and the ending makes no sense whatsoever. 4/10


8. Thor: The Dark World: Anthony Hopkins couldn't be more obviously phoning it in here, and I don't blame him. I fell asleep just before the big end set-piece. 4/10


9. Captain America: Winter Soldier: The Russo Brother's MCU debut, and what a drastic uptick in quality. One of the MCU's best. The action set-pieces are breathtaking, with a personal highlight being Fury's car chase. A hinted-at Cap/Natasha romantic sub-plot is regrettably trampled on by subsequent films. The tone and pacing of this film is absolutely spot-on. 9/10


10. Guardians of the Galaxy: I hadn't seen this in a good long while, and my god did it absolutely shine on this re-watch. With characterisation chops that are the envy of every other MCU director, James Gunn confidently putsforward a film that up until this point was rivalled only by Avengers Assemble in terms of fun and excitement. The MCU enters the cosmic realm in dazzling fashion. 9/10


11. Avengers: Age of Ultron: A film so busy with subplots and running at such a speed that it borders on incoherence. A lot of half-baked and poorly concluded threads. I remember coming out of the cinema having watched it for the first time, and not being sure that I understood what I'd seen. Repeat viewings can alleviate these issues though. Regardless, excellent action and contains my personal favourite Stan Lee cameo. 7/10


12. Ant-Man: If ever a character thrived on being the underdog, Ant-Man was it. It's obvious from the tone and marketing that Marvel was aware of that strength, and as such they serve up a surprisingly entertaining film here, so much so that expectations are pleasantly exceeded. Paul Rudd plays Scott Lang perfectly. The heist theme is excellently done. 8/10


13. Captain America: Civil War: The finest that the MCU has to offer, in my opinion. The plot provides a genuine moral quandary, and each character gets to say their piece. Black Panther is better in this than in his own film, Spider-Man is introduced perfectly ("QUEENS" - SQUEE!) and the action set-pieces are just mesmerising. Most people mention the airport centre-piece, but I think the real highlight is the end fight sequence between Cap, Iron Man and Bucky. There's real weight and consequence here. Thanos gets a lot of credit for it, but Zemo is truly the first villain to have won by the end of the film. 10/10


14. Doctor Strange: When I heard that Scott Derrickson was directing this, I was thrilled. Given this and Doctor Strange's previous experience with the occult and Lovecraftian antagonists, I thought Marvel was going to make a horror film. Instead we get a trippy magic-as-kung-fu origin story, steeped in 60's psychedelia, and some of the best and most brain-melting special effects ever seen in film. It feels strangely similar to the first Iron Man, a kind of throw-back to the origins of the MCU. Mads Mikkelson is absolutely wasted in this film (he would have been my dream casting for Doctor Doom), and Tilda Swinton steals every scene she's in. The ending's tone is pulled straight out of the comics, to my utter delight. This film opens Strange up to some wonderful future possibilities, which we've already begun to see. 7/10


15. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: This film has some pretty big shoes to fill. The first film was a fantastic, confident and stylish departure from the other MCU fare, and it does seem like Gunn was feeling the pressure to replicate and improve upon all of those points. Unfortunately, while on paper this film is grander than the previous, it loses sight of some characterisation, the true linchpin of the original. The worst offence is Drax - a character who's motivations from the first film, the deep mourning for his family, and murderous need to gain vengeance, is replaced by a character who basically just laughs at everything.

There's a bit too much playing for laughs, and the music is a bit too shoehorned in, but there are some excellent messages about the importance of family, despite their imperfections. Kurt Russell is an inspired bit of casting for the role he plays. 7/10


16. Spider-Man: Homecoming: This film truly shows just what Marvel can do that other studios just can't. They truly understand the characters and storylines, and don't shy away from any of the details that might not translate so well to film. They've realised that getting Peter Parker right and getting Spider-Man right are two different jobs, and getting one right doesn't imply that that the other is a done deal.

We FINALLY have a Peter Parker who is actually a school-kid, and wisely manage to bypass the already battered-to-death origin story. Melding supporting characters from both the Peter Parker and Miles Morales runs works well in my opinion, and the film actually delivers a genuinely shocking twist for the first time in the MCU. Tom Holland nails it on all fronts, and Michael Keaton takes an easy paycheck, but does a fantastic job while doing it. The best Spider-Man film, despite the first 10 minutes delivering the two most maddening continuity errors in the whole MCU. 9/10


17. Thor: Ragnarok: Well, it only took them 2 feature films and 2 tie-in Avengers films, but they finally got Thor right. This film is a perfect symbiosis of the Marvel Studios juggernaut and a very singular and distinctive directorial style. Dispensing with the chaff of the franchise in hilariously brazen style, this film introduces new, much more engaging characters which embrace the inherent silliness of the franchise. Despite the levity of the film, the storyline lives up to its title in smuggling a cataclysmically dark story past the viewer. There are a few technical issues (perhaps the most blatant and noticeable green screen work in the MCU, and the lighting always looks very... studio-y), but there's such a sense of fun in this film that it's easily forgiven. Blanchett absolutely nails her role as Hela and obviously had great fun doing so. Korg is hilarious and Hulk is, for the first time, a fleshed out character. This is a masterclass in how to turn an ailing franchise around. 9/10


18. Black Panther: The real star of this film is the land of Wakanda. A wonderful job has been done here to flesh out and make real a jaw-dropping nation and culture, cribbed from bits and pieces of the various nations of southern Africa. My fiancee was thrilled to see the characters speaking Xhosa - apparently, everyone apart from the guy playing King T'Chaka absolutely massacres the accent. The antagonist - one that has a truly defensible viewpoint, and genuinely thinks that he's doing what's right - is played with genuine ferocity, and carries multiple fascinating subtexts in both his views and actions. He is absolutely dwarfed by Danai Gurira though - she very adeptly plays a truly fierce and determined woman. A huge highlight is the casino scene, which threatens to out-Bond Bond. Unfortunately the ending set-piece quickly descends into Marvel-by-numbers action, which doesn't manage to match the style and confidence of the first half of the film, and has sub-par CG work that isn't nearly as good as the stuff in the first Iron Man. Given the outpouring of love and undeniable cultural impact of this film, T'Challa will definitely be a central part of the MCU going forward. 8/10


19. Avengers: Infinity War: This is the most comic book film ever - it has insanely heightened stakes and storyline, makes absolutely no attempt to be self-contained and assumes a foreknowledge of the vast storylines that have come before it. A lot of people would say that these are negatives, but certainly not me. Thanos is just a jaw-dropping achievement, in terms of technology, acting and writing. The film has a very brisk pace indeed, and a lot of moving parts, but never descends into the incoherence of AoU. The CGI and effects are stunning throughout, with a few notable exceptions. Doctor Strange is my personal MVP - his fight sequence with Thanos is perfect. I actually shouted in the cinema when a long-standing, but previously-assumed-to-be-unlikely theory regarding the reappearance of a certain character turned out to be on the money.

This film shows the mass audience what comic book fans have always seen on the page. 10/10


20. Ant-Man & The Wasp: This one is very similar to Guardians of the Galaxy 2 - on paper it ticks all the boxes from the first film, but in actuality just isn't as good as the original. That said, it certainly has its charms, and it does an excellent job of making Hope van Dyne a very capable and formidable character without sacrificing any of her humanity. The stuff about Janet van Dyne possessing Scott was pretty off-puttingly daft, and Luis isn't as endearing a character as in the first film. There is absolutely no reason why Walton Goggins character couldn't have been a reappearance of Justin Hammer. The end scene credit is an excellent lead into Endgame, and is possibly the only part of this film that needs to be seen. 6/10


21. Captain Marvel: This is a strange one. Brie Larson nails it as a competent and confident, but never outright arrogant, protagonist. She has a real sense of empathy and justice, the real makings of a true hero. There is a really inspiring message about personal strength and determination that lifts the story up. The film is, however, not without fault, most of which can be laid down directly at the directors' feet. There are some questions about character motivations and reactions, and some of the action is poorly laid out. Some of the lighting is god-awful. Ben Mendelsohn nails his role as arch-Skrull. The 90's nods were lovely, although I wish they'd taken more advantage of the Riot Grrl music that was at their disposal. Hopefully this Cap's trilogy has the same trajectory as the other Cap's, and the sequels deliver on this film's promise. 6/10


22. Avengers: Endgame: Holy Jesus. I can't spoil anything at this stage, obviously, but WOW. This film starts off with such a dark mood and tone, and takes the viewer EVERYWHERE on the emotional spectrum on the way to flat-out the most satisfying ending to a film that I've ever experienced. There's a real story here, there's real consequence, a lot of VERY real character beats, and despite the agency of the storyline there is an embarrassment of fan-service present in this film. Chris Hemsworth yet again pulls off some masterful sleight-of-hand in portraying a dark and tragic character arc hidden behind absolute hilarity. RDJ provides an acting masterclass throughout. The gargantuan run-time just slips by. 10/10


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I recently watched them in chronological order and rated them as I went along.  


Captain America 7.5/10

Captain Marvel 7.5/10

Iron Man 8/10 

Iron Man 2 6/10

Hulk (just didn't bother)

Thor 7/10

The Avengers 9/10

Iron Man 3 7.5/10

Thor Dark World 5.5/10

Captain America Winter Soldier 7/10

Guardians of the Galaxy 9/10

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 8/10

Avengers - Age of Ultron 8.5/10

Antman - 8/10

Civil War - 8.5/10

Spiderman Homecoming 8/10

Doctor Strange 8.5/10

Black Panther 7/10

Thor Ragnarok 9.5/10

Antman + Wasp 7/10

Avengers Infinity Wars 9/10

Avengers End Game 9/10

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  • 6 months later...
2 hours ago, Stigweard said:

She'd be sued to high heaven if she just pulled out right?


Theres a general MCU thread for thus kinda stuff. 




I can't imagine an actor would be able to pay the damages, though.


They'll replace her and she'll never work again. Too much risk.


What a fucking numpty she is.

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