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Edgar Wright's Last Night In Soho


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This looks fun. Is it a thriller? Horror? Sci-fi? A bit of them all? The trailer is enigmatic enough while still letting you know what the movie is about and a flavour of the tone. Very intriguing. 

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3 hours ago, monkeydog said:

The version of Downtown they used could have easily veered into John Lewis ad territory.  It didn't, which made me happy. I do love a good trailer.



Tis Anya Taylor-Joy singing too.

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6 hours ago, SaintAnselm said:

She almost even made New Mutants watchable.

Quoted for Truth. I still hold out hope that when the MCU gets around to the X-men we still get her turning up as Magick. 


Maybe biased cos I bloody love the character. 

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Not uniquely, no. World’s End reminds me of me and my friends. We used to go out drinking two or three times a week during sixth form. Once we finished our a levels we gradually drifted apart - some went into work, some off to uni. We tried to get the band back together more than once and at first everyone turned up but, over time, fewer people actually made it until nights were getting cancelled. We never managed to recapture the magic of our younger years. That’s why I like world’s end. It resonates. Except for all the stuff with the robots. 

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Here be no plot spoilers.


This was pretty good, a proper pulpy pastiche of DePalma and Argento with some great performances (Diana Rigg is brilliant) and some effective horror sequences, hampered slightly by creaky plot conventions. It takes a while to get going and somehow feels less than the sum of its parts though; rather than a fresh modern twist on an old yellow format the movie is more of a love letter to the old Italian horrors of Argento and the like - a recreation rather than a revitalisation. It feels like Wright is restraining himself somewhat and the film never hits the glorious heights of his previous, more comedic work but it's definitely worth a watch.


Four (flies) out of Five

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Went to a late night showing if this yesterday, me and the gf loved it. Great cast, cinematography, soundtrack and felt the story was gripping with a few jumps along the way. Not much in the cinema atm so would highly recommend for anyone wanting to catch a movie.


Easily 4/5 

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Saw this today. It’s almost great. I’ve spoilered stuff but if you want to go in completely cold skip this.

The first third is fantastic, better than anything I’ve seen Wright do before. He nails the small town girl, university arsehole bullying but most of all absolutely nails 60’s clubland. At points it’s like he’s channeling Peter Strickland by way of Performance and Alfie.


The weakest bits are


The CGI ghosts, which seem straight out of Dr Who


The entirely one dimensional uni boyfriend. He does get a couple of good lines, but even these seem to be straight out of a different more typical Edgar Wright film.


The mish-mash of styles and endless running around Soho Square reminded me of a well made student movie.

That aside, the casting is pretty magnificent. McKenzie and Taylor Joy are wonderful, with McKenzie stealing it for me.


Jocasta is fabulously cunty.


Terence Stamp seems a bit miscast, or under used. But Diana Rigg is god-tier. A great final appearance. Also just really lovely to see Rita Tushingham in anything.


Matt Smith is just so effortlessly good in everything these days I kind of hate him, but he’s still very good.


Finally, the twist completely got me.


It’s a good film but I’m annoyed it’s not all as great as two-thirds of it is. Starts well, ends well, with a flabby middle. If only he’d kept perfectly channeling 60’s film making all the way through.

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