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Euro 2020 - Congrats Italy

disperse and recoagulate

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1 hour ago, Timmo said:

I guess you want a specialist when you have Grealish winning a lot of free kicks. Wait


I bet he's the only person in the country who would choose this line up.


The trouble of course is the way they used the friendlies (justified or not) has locked them into picking individuals because they've no idea about a "team".

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Looking at the Croatia front 3, it doesn't seem like they'll offer much width, and with Walker on one side who often plays as centre back for England anyway, the thinking might be that a right footed left back could be more adept at stopping their attackers from cutting inside.

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Shame about Grealish.


My concern with Mount, Sterling, and Foden is that they may be hard runners.

So with the heat that may screw us.


Always go with the ball players who will retain, retain, control.

Sterling will lose the ball, Mount will run about loads, Foden will also be busy.


However with 5 subs...then surely those lot are better suited to come on later? When the other team is tired.


Game onnnnn

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Just now, jonamok said:

This was decent for 20 minutes. Usual boring toss now.


Was it? We've created 3 chances which is poor. They've had 2.


Italy went in 0-0 against Turkey at half time but they had a lot of chances and were looking sharp to a man.


Walker has already misplaced three passes, he's having one of those games. Expect an OG.


We don't have pure midfield creators, we have runners.

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