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Euro 2020 - Congrats Italy

disperse and recoagulate

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So the real question is which ex-player is going to become a star pundit during the tournament? There's usually somebody who gets rave reviews, who do we think it could be this time (I fully admit I don't know the BBC/ITV line-ups)?

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Weirdly, I'm looking forward to the actual football.  There's not a massive amount of filler there.  Turkey vs Italy is two good sides to kick off the tournament.  Just a shame that the tournament format has dampened some of the usual excitement when you see a single country hosting.  Now its basically the Champions League group stages.

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I'm very excited for it. Before the last tournament I was a big critic of the 24 team format due to the reduced jeopardy in the group stage, but I do love how it gives teams that would have previously struggled to qualify a great chance of taking part and springing a surprise (Iceland and Wales last time out). There's also no doubting the logic of it in the context of Europe post the break up of Yugoslavia and the USSR.


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1 hour ago, Naysonymous said:

Aye, but you might as well go 32 > 16 > 8 > 4 > 2 > 1 as fuck about with this 24 team format, right? 

I don't mind, it was used in the World Cup from 1986 and was fine - 1st two in group automatically qualify, and 4 of the best 3rd-placers out of the 6.


The only issue is that they're only 50-odd nations under UEFA so going 32 would start to make qualifiers pointless. 

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2 minutes ago, ryodi said:

National anthems at international tournaments are a reminder of how awful God Save the Queen is. 

I like singing to the Italian one


I have a Ferrari

It is a fast car

It is a red car

It is a Ferrari 

Do you have a Ferrari?

They are very fast

Yes very fast



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Just now, Straps said:

Football car is MOTM already for me.


2 minutes ago, cowfields said:


"No I only have a remote controlled volkswagen" 


Isn't the response i expected to that song 

It's the Rocket League European Championship

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