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Euro 2020 - Congrats Italy

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2 minutes ago, Gabzy said:

Don't be miserable!

Ha! Trying.


I have no wish to see him injured, but I’d laugh if he slipped and fell on his arse doing that. :eyebrows:

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2 hours ago, Gabzy said:

Yeah, I just think if you're commentating on National TV the least you could do is learn how to pronounce first team players' names. Minor gripe I know, just bugs me how often I hear it. "Yosé"....

Definitely. Do your homework and pronounce it right.

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2 minutes ago, GamesGamesGames said:

Whoever would've thought that playing with better teammates would make a player look better? Amazing.

A 90mil player should look good at all times.

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7 minutes ago, Ork1927 said:

What was the linesman waiting for there - was he as hypnotised as the Germany players?


It's the law isn't it? They have to complete the phase of play in case VAR gives it. They've chopped and changed it so much I don't even know anymore.

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  • gospvg changed the title to Euro 2020 - Congrats Italy

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