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Euro 2020 - Congrats Italy

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I like the xG idea - post match phone ins would definitely move up a notch in quality


'Hi Adrian, long time listener first time caller, I'm ringing to say I'm disgusted at Sterling last night taking a low xG shot from the edge of the D as if he'd moved one step to the left the resulting shot would have carried 0.15 more xG meaning we'd have gone thru at the end of Xtra time instead of losing. I'm also disgusted at UEFAs use of the Opta xG model which has always been very poor and over rewards close range shots whilst ignoring defensive pressure on the man, especially when compared to the more advanced statistical models available from other sports science/data providers'.


'Over to you guys then, let us know via Twitter or email which statistical model you feel best represents shot quality taken in the modern game - are Opta all that ?'

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