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Euro 2020 - Congrats Italy

disperse and recoagulate

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5 minutes ago, Art Vandelay said:

I’m not having a dig, but what is Man Utd fan’s continued obsession with Ronaldo all about? I get he was good, but I literally can’t think of another example of a player who agitated for a move for a year, left for another big club about 15 years ago and is still talked about like he grew up in the shadow on the Stretford End. I don’t understand why the default position of thinking everyone who leaves your club is a treacherous prick who wasn’t that good anyway doesn’t apply.

Ronaldo is adored by all fans where he played. He looks like Patrick Bateman but, by all account, he’s a very decent human being.


and he’s a contender for best football player ever (of course it doesn’t make sense but still).


and this is an awesome night of football.

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8 minutes ago, Gabzy said:

Wish the commentators would bloody talk about the qualifying permutations more! Have no idea if we're going through or not.

If only there was somewhere else where you can check these things live... 🤔

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