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June (Ish) Painting Challenge: Vehicles!


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9 hours ago, Nicky said:

it has begun only 4 more layers of different greys to get to where i need to go! this time next week i should have all the base colours down and be working on the details before a final week of chipping and weathering



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On 14/06/2021 at 13:45, Nicky said:

don't be like that. theres no guarantee i'll get it all done in time :P

reality is I’m also moving house so won’t be able to start on anything til next week at least, so I’ll be luck to produce anything before the deadline.

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With everything that’s going on I’ve had duck all time to do anything, but grabbed a bit of time this weekend to start on my warmaster.  Definitely not meeting this deadline.





The idea is the warmaster is stepping off the top level onto the Knight.  It was originally standing and being crushed but the warmaster had to lift its leg ridiculously high.

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Well here’s this months, making up the numbers, entry from me. I like these little tanks, painted three for the last DG army I got rid of so this is my fourth. 
I’ve kind of taken inspiration from the article in White dwarf this month and had a mess around with one of the pics in procreate, am assuming that’s ok to stick that here as well, given past entrants use of a bit of manipulation. But I’m not expecting to be judged on that one, it’s just as I’d done it as it was the most recent model I had a pic of and I quite like how it came out for a first try. Still a lot to learn about the software and what it all does but it’s fun to tinker with. 

There’s plenty of vanilla untouched pics for comparison. 





















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On 07/06/2021 at 17:07, MrEm said:

I’m in, as the dust attests to it was base coated about 18 months ago. It’s going to be blessed by Nurgle so it will hide al the mistakes. 

Time to crack on. 


How’s the Rhino coming along @MrEm?

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