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E3 2021 | Nintendo | June 15th - 17:00 BST


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Just now, Gambit said:

Trust Nintendo to try and dampen people's enthusiasm with crap like this.



Oh well. Please give me Ocarina of Time on Switch. Thank you.

It's Japan only, apparently.

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2 hours ago, OneDvBmbr said:

Think people are overplaying this. Isn’t it only mentioned on a Japanese language site that someone happens to have found and translated? Doesn’t seem like it’s been a wider request. 

No, it’s turned out to be a massive deal to the point where Twitch won’t be showing it all on their platform because people can’t co-stream it. I’m not sure how this will work with things like IGN, but I’m going to go with YouTube for this one and hope that it doesn’t shit the bed.

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