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Radio sit-com/drama recommendations?

Vespa Alex

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It’s unbelievably good I think - it basically tiptoes a line between light comedy drama and chilling folk horror, and the production values are top notch. Hard to think of anything else like it.

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Cabin Pressure, written by John Finnemore, you say? Well, since you ask me for a recommendation of a comedy radio drama series ...


The latest series of John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme just ended. Bear with me.

It's usually a standard-format comedy sketch show, but he wrote this series over lockdown, aware that there would be no studio audience, so he went a bit off-piste.

Each episode centres around a character, a member of an extended family, and goes backwards through time, recounting scenes from their life. The characters and stories intertwine, so some events or phrases that just seem bizarre in early episodes reveal their nature in later ones, and so on.

There's still a lot of humour in it, but it's a lot more grounded than his usual show. If you heard his "Double Acts" thing a few years back, it's more like that.

Anyway, I loved it, as did many people on Twitter, from what I can see.

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12 hours ago, Exidor said:

Fags, Mags and Bags always used to be good for a listen. Bit of a Father Ted vibe but it's an Asian corner shop in Glasgow instead of Irish priests.


I bloody loved this every time I caught it.

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