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Death's Door - Isometric action-adventure from the makers of Titan Souls - Xbox & PC - Metacritic 87 - GOTY 2021!

Jamie John

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56 minutes ago, Polmon said:

Does anyone know if this is this an actual Xbox exclusive, or a timed exclusive? 


Nothing has been announced so far, but it's on Steam, which suggests Microsoft don't have exclusivity. I imagine you'll just have to wait for it to be ported elsewhere, as it's only a very small team. It's received a very positive reception, however, so I imagine a port is in the works. Titan Souls, their previous game, came out on multiple platforms.

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Ah man the final boss is pissing me off 



avoiding the bull doors is simple enough but the second of the fights between the runs just seems random. That pink wall that goes out three ways and then curves as well feels impossible to dodge :( 


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Got 100% over the weekend. It basically feels like this game was made for me, which I wasn't expecting. Everything had the right amount of challenge for me, from the fighting to how much attention you need to pay and brain-wracking you need to do to find the shrines and solve the mysteries. Pitched to perfection.

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