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Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania!


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Monkey Ball feels like it's too easy for corporate and/or market research types to look at and say this feels like it should be a popular more casual thing. And they're probably not wrong in terms of styling and basic gameplay being approachable and pick up and play friendly. But what made it special was that balance between being approachable and extremely challenging.


The marketing and Twitter stuff right now feels oddly the same as I imagine the remake development is. Pulled between announcing a thing that changes something (without enough detail because they're trying to be mysterious and not "spoil" something) and then reacting because their messaging steps on the toes of the group who actually care about the fact that this is coming out.


You often wonder who those behind Twitter accounts and publicity think is paying any attention. I doubt many who would would be unwaveringly in favour of their announced tweaks will be following their accounts or even know about the game. So all it serves to do is put the original players into a position where they'll wait for release and see rather than grabbing it day one.

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On the other hand, it’s absolutely fine for them to make a new Super Monkey Ball that isn’t a straight up remake of the first one, and is actually the preferred option for me. The problem is, most of the sequels have been so outrageously shit that nobody has any faith they can churn out something decent enough.

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7 hours ago, Made of Ghosts said:

Hang on, didn't the original game have you eventually unlocking infinite continues anyway?


That's what I came here to post. I swear you had infinite continues in the original. Yes, the Extra and Master levels were gated behind not-losing-lives/credits requirements, but in the standard levels you could lose as many lives as you want and still carry on playing.


As long as I can still brag about having completed all the Master levels in the original, that's all I care about really. Especially Master 3; nearly twenty years later and every inch of that fucker is still seared into my brain.

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12 hours ago, Darwock said:

There has to be more to the story… that’s got to be development footage or something. What’s with the mist all being in distinct lines like a shower curtain over the water?


Yeah, it feels like they couldn't/didn't have time to implement decent shaders for volumetric clouds (and non-awful water). I'd like to hope it's development footage, but given it looks identical in the Nintendo Life video, albeit entirely minus the clouds,* I'm not too hopeful:


(from 3:56, if it doesn't automatically put you there)


The lighting, the sea, it's all just worlds apart from the lovely-looking original. And that's without worrying about the physics tweaks they talk about :(


* which might well end up being a 'fix' that will be applied to the release version: remove any volumetric clouds

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