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Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp (ETA unknown)


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1 minute ago, Alex W. said:

If it's asynchronous (and why wouldn't it be?) that's GOTY material. Little blue light pops on your Switch home button, time to go take a turn.

This is such a good idea, I bet it won't be. 


(I'm still obviously buying it)

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7 hours ago, Jamie John said:

I'm looking forward to seeing what the fuss is about

They are incredible games, that rare perfect synergy of hardware and software.



7 hours ago, Broker said:

The third and fourth games were so much worse than the first two

That's a bit unfair on 4, it had some multiplayer fixes and some interesting additions that allowed more dynamic mid-game battles.


4 hours ago, And said:

still have my GB micro with AW2 cart somewhere

My micro is essentially an AW machine, still the device of choice when I have to travel extremely lightly.


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I always felt like Advance Wars was more of a puzzle game than a strategy game. On some of the harder missions there was only one way to win, it didn’t really allow for flexibility. That was my only problem with it.

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9 hours ago, scottcr said:

Who’s complaining about the graphics here!? It looks exactly as it would’ve looked had they had the fidelity and power when it was originally released!












Yep, just like the original developers intended!




image.png.5bb0a50c8d85c8cc28040fa0ce310a37.png   vs image.png.0c197f771ff1a21de72bcda2b1bd33f3.png




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15 hours ago, Hitcher said:

It's better than totally ignoring the series for years and, as I said, hopefully leads to new future games.

Oh, its absolutely great that its back; I just went from super, super excited in the first few seconds to just super excited when it became clear it was a remake.


I'll be getting it day 1 and will almost certainly 100% both games (again) :)

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Aye it looks great. Really clean and faithful enough to the original art. There are some minor things like I wish the explosions were a bit meatier and I would have preferred everything to look a bit more detailed and intricate rather than moulded plastic.

The only issue is price where so much of the original design will have been used (and I have played them both) I'm not sure I want to be paying full price unless there's a nice physical edition.

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1 hour ago, Alex W. said:

Dare I dream that if this is a success, Wayforward gets to take over some 2D pixel Nintendo properties?


Too late for Metroid sadly. But in a similar vein, I suspect they'll get to do AW5 if this works out.

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I quite like the style and it's a rather deft approximation of the pixel art style. Sure, it's not actual pixel art, I'll give you that. The chunkiness of moving pixel units on a pixel grid is very satisfying and a huge draw, but for Advance Wars, the UI sounds are way more important for that kind of UX feel than the actual graphics and this comes very close.

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I really don't get all the negativity about this. I reckon it looks lovely, and I assume the gameplay will be 100% intact, so even though I completed the first one two times and got pretty far in the second one, I cannot wait to get back to this series.


At least they're not going for the gritty look which I truly abhorred in the second NDS game.

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I don't get the negativity either.  Would a new AW be better than a remastered 2-pack, absolutely it would but I'm really looking forward to it and maybe it will lead to them making a new one.  We have been waiting so long for anything AW so this is pretty good.


Also if anyone can point to these mobile ftp games that are just like AW then please do, I've never come across any that are remotely good enough to be compared to AW

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