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Football Thread 2021/2022


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On 01/07/2021 at 18:52, BitterToad said:

Marco Silva has been confirmed as the new Fulham manager. He was good for a bit at Watford, he was a bit shit at Everton but who isn't? He seems to start well and burn out which has been the opposite of every manager we've had for a while back so it should be a fun season down in the championship next year!

Absolutely gutted you didn't go for Steve Cooper. Thought we were going to get rid of him, but he is still here with his boring football.

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Barca really are financially in a right old mess if this is all accurate - expect an incoming change on La Liga salary limit rules and a change of zoning on a piece of worthless land they own somewhere.


Can't imagine how they bail themselves out of this unless some Middle Eastern wealth fund steps in and buys a major chunk of the club - they can't shift on their squad tat as overpay most of them and there aren't many buyers out there.


Suspect the first tweet is a typo and its its €200m not €200k.



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Would love to see the big two in Spain hit the wall. They bleed that league dry and, one way or another, are bailed out at every turn.


From that tweet it's also fair to assume they won't be signing Messi to a fresh deal. Cue them being bailed out again somehow....


I think that 200,000 might be right by the way, but Euros/week.

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On 04/07/2021 at 18:36, 5R7 said:

odds on Vieira being first sacked then?


On 05/07/2021 at 09:07, DirkCrisis said:

Like Brendan Rodgers, he’s too scary to be sacked. 


Roy Keane has been sacked more than once and we all know who is the scarier!


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here is a google translate of a Spanish language article on the financial fun at Barcelona, they do look like a club that despite still being a huge name and generating lots of money could be in serious trouble. Of course footy clubs never go away, they still exist but just blow up paying cents in the euro on their outstanding debts.




from this original



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1 hour ago, Plissken said:

I see that the same person who keeps trying to buy Newcastle without actually having the money is again trying to buy Newcastle without actually having the money.


Is that British businesswoman Amanda Staveley? Up there with crack East-european outfit Red Star Belgrade in the title stakes.

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The defence appears to be that she didn't reveal her age.


That the "Under 16s team player" didn't reveal her age.


I know footballers aren't thinkers in the main but I think I could make an estimate as to her age.

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