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Football Thread 2021/2022


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16 minutes ago, feltmonkey said:


Yeah, I think so. I'm not sure if Viduka scored more than either.  I think it's RVP.


Now that Mane has 100 goals, I can't actually think of any other M player who has more than that.



RVP & Mane ✅


15 minutes ago, feltmonkey said:

This is a bit cheap, but is B Bent or Berbatov?


Bent ✅


3 minutes ago, Art Vandelay said:

Reckon handsome Bobby Pires might sneak in there.



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43 minutes ago, Dudley said:

I assume they're arrogantly assuming a Mourinho or equivalent that's free will join them to indulge in a relegation battle.


To be fair, the shameless fuck was talking about having a "special connection" to the club via working as Sir Bobby Robsons translator.

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18 minutes ago, Fry Crayola said:

Q -> Niall Quinn?




Update in spoilers:


A - Aguero

B - Bent

C - Cole, Andy

D - Defoe

E - 

F - Fowler

G - Gerrard

H - Henry

I - Ings

J - Jesus - just overtaken Andrew Johnson who my source has listed!

K - Kane

L - Lampard

M - Mane

N - 

O - Owen

P - 

Q - Quinn

R - Rooney

S - Shearer

T - 

U - 

V - van Persie

W - Wright

X - Xhaka

Y - Yorke

Z - Zola


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1 minute ago, Waggo said:

Cheers the Sunderland connection has given me another one I think.


P is gonna be Kevin Phillips yes?


Sure is! Just E (tough), N (toughish), T (easy) and U (tough) to go.

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Re: Bruce leaving, I suppose they at least didn't sack him (I imagine that was meant to be a nice gesture on their part.) 


The thing is, the club needs so much work, whomever they get in now is, at best, only going to lay the groundwork for somebody to come along and get the glory a few years down the line, once they've been long since sacked. Same as at Man City, where Hughes started putting things into place only for Mancini to build on and take things forward.

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3 minutes ago, Boothjan said:


Jason Euell?


1 minute ago, Boothjan said:

Trying to think of footballers beginning with U - David Unsworth used to score more than he should have for a defender, is it him?


You're on a roll, sir! Just N to go.

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Quick question for Leicester, Villa or Wolves supporters.


Friend of a friend is looking to get themselves to a PL game in November.  They are Warwick based, so those three clubs look to be the best bet.  How easy is it to get tickets for a home game?  Just in general to start off with.


(FWIW, as far as fixtures go, Leicester have Chelsea and Watford at home, Villa play Brighton and Wolves have Everton and West Ham.) 

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That was a hugely entertaining game to watch.  I’m still not sure what to make of Man Utd, they’ve got big players who step up when needed but they really look like they can be got at too. It makes them a lot of fun to watch but I can’t see them troubling the real big hitters in Europe this season. 

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Steve Bruce '1000 & out' facts

Games managed - 1000

Games missed/left to assistant - 29

Team beaten most - Southend United

Team lost to most - Man United

Different dug outs sat in - 288

Corners for - 2857

Corners against - 3281

Rival/Derby team duos managed - 6

Player w/ most appearances - Maik Taylor

Most used substitute - No stats exist

Players bought - 398 > £1.3b

Players sold - 301 > 495m

Favourite colours - Black and White and Red all over

Name of next autobiography - Black and White and Red all over

Win percentage - 11%

Different penalty takers - 219

Goals missed as he was on the toilet - 17

Houses owned - 67

Holidays - 129

Percentage of made up facts - >80%

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