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Astro Boy


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I've never imported a game before in my life, but when I saw Astro boy in edge, I had to have it.

It's treasure, our old favourite, and the gameplay is also typical treasure. It reminds me of a friendly, much easier version of Alien Soldier, a bit more fluffy and forgiving. Having said that, it's caught me out a few times already.

I was a bit concerned about importing, because I have no idea of any Japanese, but the tutorial is really good, and doesn't present a problem, even in Japanese.

What were your first imports? What should I get next, I'm thinking something for GBA, so that I know it will work, and something not too text heavy.

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My first import was a USA Goldeneye with a USA N64 :D I decided to import, after hearing about the horror stories of the PAL conversion of Wave Race 64. After that all my Nintendo games and consoles, have been imported from the States. I'll never buy Nintendo PAL.

Mr Driller:Drill Land is worth getting. Although the Japanese text does get in the way, of you enjoying the game to the full.

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My first import was a Japanese Guilty Gear X on the Dreamcast, I think... never really got into it until then.

Since then I've imported a load of NGPC games (including Densha De Go! 2, which is ace :D) and a ton of other DC games, US and Jap (mostly fighting games in the Street Fighter and King of Fighters series).

Can't be arsed to get any of my consoles modded, so until boot-discs come out for them I won't be importing for any of the current generation.

Oh, technically I suppose my first imports were PC games which I traded for on GameTZ, but I'm not sure if they count, seeing as they're all english language and there's no such thing as a PAL/NTSC divide when it comes to PC games.

Though I still like my Portuguese Command & Conquer on the PC [game's in English, but the manual's in Portuguese - great fun] :D

Imported a ton of Anime as well (from perfectly legal Region 4 and 1 stuff, to not-so legal multiregion stuff. Not bothered with any Region 2 outside of the UK though [i.e no Japanese or European stuff].

Technically all my GBA titles are Aussie imports too, but I was in Oz when I bought them, so...

Er... you never actually asked for other people to catalogue their histories though, did you? Sorry :(

Way to go on your first import though! :wacko:

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My first Import was 'Frame Gride' a 3D mecha fighting game on the DC by From Software. It was only a fiver and I needed to test out my brand new action replay. Needless to say it was very enjoyable, and, being completely in Japanese I was very proud of myself for actualy figuring it all out. I felt really '133t' whenever anyone came round and I was playing this. ;)

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Metal gear solid on the playstation, The japanese version.What a mistake that was, For my first import i chose a game full of dialogue.It was all part of the story though so i wasn't missing out on anything really important, And the game was still really enjoyable.And i only got stuck on one bit in the entire run through (Where you have to plant an explosive on the wall, Near the start of the game), So i suppose it wasn't too bad.

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Guest Lord Monty
my first import was the us version of hellfire for the megadrive.

Weird, mine was the japanese version of hellfire on the megadrive. I noticed that they actually changed some of the graphical effects for the pal version...

The weirdest thing was getting an adapter that allowed you to play the japanese versions of megadrive games that were left hidden on the pal releases - some games like truxton and ghouls n ghosts even retained their harder difficulty, along with the japanese title graphics

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My first import was Space Channel 5 Part 2 for the PS2. Australian PAL.

Didn't have the money to go to rip-off import merchants (in this country) before the advent of t'internet and the current global marketplace type situation.

And that'll run on a UK PAL PS2 will it? If so I'll have to track it down...

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Treasures other JPN-only GBA game - Hajime no Ippo is also worth tracking down. No chance of a Western release. Interesting Super Punch-Out inspired boxing game, with a biase towards combos.

i agree with that.... get Ippo (i managed to get it from the trading folder and also videogameimport.com had a copy for £36)....

my first import was.... hmm... i got an import (usa) of bubble Bobble on the GB (black and white one) but i didnt actually know it was an import mind you (young :)) but the first import where i went out of my way to buy was probly....

Sin and Punsihment

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