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Gaming ringtones

DJ Sack

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Common admit it, you all have one on your mobile.

on my 3330 i used to have the GTA3 pager beep which i felt was suitable, geeky but a nice ring tone, but with my new 6610 ive got bubble bobble, which is brilliant, i also downloaded MGS2 which is nice and sounds faithful, they call him sonic (luckerly its without the words).

I really wanted to have the final fantasy 7 fight tune as well but cant find it :D

Anyone know of any sites with gaming logos to download as well?

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Well I have a shitty old nokia 3330, but i made my own Shenmue tune about 2 years ago and its still my ringtone... I also made one of Ryus SF2 (original) BG music, and a Metal Gear one.. The MGS one sucked tho, and the timing was hard to get right with Ryus tune :D

Ah the boring lunchbreaks during summer jobs..

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I have the classic Zelda theme which I downloaded for free from some WAP site. It was lucky it was free because it sounds nothing like Zelda.

The tune "Turkish March" which was one of the tunes from Lemmings came with the phone and is excellent.

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heh i have 10 minute midi's on my phone..

Me too. Personal faves being the Mario Sunshine 'void' music and the entire 7 min FFVII overworld theme.

Ringtone at the moment is Secret of Mana town music - trouble is, every time my phone rings the tune goes round my head for hours afterwards.

The good thing about a lot of video game music, is that midis are usually fairly accurate representations of the real thing. I do have the Halo theme though, and it's pretty poo.

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I've got Commando as my main ringtone, I also have Outrun: Magical Sound Shower but it's starts off way to quiet and slow to be a ringtone. I also have Monty Mole, Gunstar Heroes, Thing on a Spring and Bubble Bobble. But best of all is the theme from my Pengo remake Push-Push Penguin.

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my text alert is the master systems boot up sound. normal ring is the main tune from viewpoint.

the main arse about the 6610 is that it can only play 4 channels at a time.. so sometimes more complex midi files (ie; > 4 channel ;) ) sound rather shite. thankfully the nokia software lets you mess with the midi files.. i'll upload the amened viewpoint midi or pm it if anyone is interested.

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